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IS 116 Cybersecurity Fundamentals 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall

Students will learn fundamental principles for protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. A broad overview of topics are covered such as operating system security, cryptography, ethical hacking, and programming. Students will learn to protect themselves and organizations from common cybersecurity threats.

IS 236 Cybersecurity Foundations 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: CIS 226.

Students learn the core body of knowledge required in the cybersecurity discipline. Technical, operational, and physical security best practices are covered in depth. Students will gain experience using industry standard tools and techniques for preventing, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity attacks.

IS 436 Network Security Tools and Techniques 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Winter
  • Prerequisites: IS 236.

Provides students with an in-depth view of advanced network technology and protocols, intrusion detection and prevention, network security administration, and data administration. Students will gain valuable hands-on experience using current tools and techniques for securing networks.