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MF 133 Machinery Handbook 2 cr.
  • Offered: Winter
This course introduces students to the technical content found in the Machinery Handbook. Students will understand the organization of the handbook and gain experience in using this reference volume to solve typical machine shop problems.
MF 233 Numerical Control 4 cr.  (2-1-2)
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: Successful completion of, or current enrollment in MF 134 and DD 100.

Numerical control and automation fundamentals, testing of materials and suitability of fabrication.

MF 236 Machine Tool Maintenance 3 cr.  (2-0-2)
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: MF 134

This course introduces the maintenance of machine tool equipment. Subjects will include coolant properties, oil systems, pneumatic systems, clamping devices, spindle tapers, collet systems, feed systems, and proper initial machine setup.

MF 249 Advanced Machine Operations 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: DD 202 and MF 233.

Introduction to advanced machining and turning operations. Turning operations will include the use of lathe dogs, 4-jawed chucks, boring bars and thread cutting tools. Milling operations will include advanced fixture design, fixture manufacturing, gear cutting, radius cutting, and angle milling.

MF 263 Advanced CNC Operations 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Winter
  • Prerequisites: MF 233.

A Fanuc-based Haas controller and CamWorks software will program G and M code to cut various types of metal on both a CNC lathe and mill. Topics will include advanced milling and turning, Haas VQC programming and Renishaw Probe usage.

MF 498 Directed Study and Research 1-4 cr.
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: Junior standing and department permission.
Selection of problem in area of emphasis, specialized instruction and experiences to reinforce technical skill and knowledge. Written reports of work are required.