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PBW 101 Applied Natural Wellness Retail 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall

This course provides a foundation of plant wellness with the overall goal of applying this knowledge in a retail or other applied wellness setting. This course provides students the skills needed to summarize herbal safety and efficacy. Students will understand the legal issues related to discussing in a retail environment the effects of applying and ingesting herbs and other plants and will be able to convey their knowledge to customers in an accommodating, respectful way.

PBW 111 Fundamentals of Natural Wellness 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall

Fundamentals of Natural Wellness serves as an overview of plant-based wellness. Students will be introduced to a variety of topics, including plant wellness history, how various cultures used plants for better health, and how to evaluate available plant products. Business opportunities in the field of natural wellness, such as horticulture, plant processing, and distribution will also be featured.

PBW 121 Wellness Plants: Uses & Effects 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Winter

This course will examine ways plant-based substances can impact well-being. Topics will include
wellness-based plants, specific active ingredients within these plants, and synthetic analogs of plant
ingredients. The course will introduce the relationship of plant application or ingestion to changes in
the nervous system and how these actions might affect mental functioning and behavior. An emphasis
will be on teaching students how to find and summarize published articles in this area of study.

PBW 131 Plant Wellness Customer Service 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Winter

This course will prepare students to communicate plant properties clearly in a plant-based
wellness retail environment. Students will learn effective communication, active listening, and
emotional intelligence to promote positive front-line customer relationships. This course will
provide students with a foundational, applied understanding of growing and developing plants
for use in natural wellness sectors. It includes a brief overview of seed germination, soil and
water management, plant anatomy, growing, and harvesting techniques.

PBW 289 Graduation Assessment for Cannabis and Plant-Based Wellness Operations 0 cr.
  • Offered: Contact Department
  • Graded: S/U
  • Co-requisites: Registration for graduation.

All graduating majors must take an exit assessment for the Cannabis and Plant-Based Wellness Operations A.A.S. as part of the program's outcomes assessment efforts. This assessment will be given in the final semester for all graduating students. Students must enroll in this course concurrently with graduation registration.