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RE 110 Introduction to Leisure, Recreation, and Outdoor Recreation 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall Winter

Introduction to leisure and recreation and the leisure service profession. Includes historical and current concepts, theories and philosophies of leisure, recreation and play as well as historical development of public and private resources for leisure, recreation, and outdoor recreation. Understanding of how outdoor recreation is an aspect of leisure; develop a personal philosophy for outdoor recreation and exploration of career opportunities.

RE 155 Outdoor Living Skills 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Fall Winter

Introduction to basic outdoor living and camping skills. Major topic areas include homeostasis, rope craft, backcountry cooking, use of fires, health, hygiene, and nutrition, safety, map and compass, navigation, proper selection and use of equipment, shelters, environmental awareness, and Leave No Trace ethics. The course will require a minimum of one overnight field experience.

RE 172 Introduction to Wildland Firefighting 3 cr.  (2-0-1)
  • Offered: Fall

Required training for all personnel seeking to become Wildland Firefighters under National Wildfire Coordinating Group certification standards. APC credit granted for NWCG certifications in S-130; S-190; L-180 and I-100 inclusive. 

Notes: Formerly RE 277: Introduction to Wild Land Firefighting
RE 175 Basic Air Operations 1 cr.  (1-0-0)
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: RE 172 or concurrent enrollment.

Instruction for basic aviation safety, aircraft types and capabilities, aviation management, tactical and logistical uses of aircraft, and requirements for helicopter take-off and landing areas. Meets National Wildfire Coordinating Group requirements for S-270. APC granted for NWCG certificate S-270. 

RE 176 Wildland Fire Chain Saws and Pumps 3 cr.  (2-0-2)
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: RE 172 or concurrent enrollment.

A course designed to meet the requirements to work as a powersaw operator and provide competency in the use of portable pumps and water. Meets National Wildfire Coordinating Group requirements for S-211 and S-212. APC granted for NWCG certification in S-211 and S-212.


This course cannot be repeated for credit.

RE 252 Trail Building 2 cr.  (0-0-3)
  • Offered: Fall

This course will provide knowledge and instruction to equip students with trail building and trail maintenance skills. Student will learn the International Mountain Biking Association trail building standards and implement them while building and providing trail maintenance on the Noquemanon Trails Network (NTN) mountain bike trails system. Students will learn and practice the safe use of hand tools, sustainable trail design, working as a team member, and economic aspects of trail building and maintenance. 

RE 253 Introduction to Ice Climbing 1 cr.  (0-0-3)
  • Offered: Winter

This course provides an intensive experience in technical ice climbing with the focus of the course being on developing technical top-rope ice climbing skills. Students will learn basic climbing techniques, belay systems, equipment selection, and ice climbing safety. The course will be conducted in an experiential manner on NMU’s campus and at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Munising, MI.

RE 261 Outdoor Leadership and Experiential Education 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: RE 110 and RE 155.

Fundamentals and techniques of Outdoor Leadership and Pedagogy of Outdoor Experiential Education applicable to a variety of professional Outdoor Recreation and Leadership settings. Focus is on leadership theory, development of basic leadership and programming skills, pedagogy, theories and models of learning, teaching strategies, judgement, decision making, safety and risk management, and related legal topics. Students will engage in hands-on leadership and teaching experiences in outdoor settings.

RE 271 Protected Area Management 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: RE 110.

The course will cover the information, techniques, and strategies needed to manage the physical resources and visitor services of protected areas in the United States. This course will review historical prospective that have led to the modern land management decision making for outdoor recreation. Effects of outdoor recreation on economic, environmental, and cultural variables of outdoor recreation recommendations will be discussed in the context of the development of developing sustainable recreation use of protected areas.


RE 272 Intermediate Fire Behavior 2 cr.  (2-0-0)
  • Offered: On demand
  • Prerequisites: RE 172.

Instruction for prospective wildland firefighters in wildland fire behavior for safe and effective fire management operations. Meets National Wildfire Coordinating Group requirements for S-290 and S-133. APC granted for NWCG certificates in S-290 and S-133 inclusive. 


Formerly RE 278: Intermediate Fire Behavior

RE 292 Wildland Fire Field Experience 3 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter Summer
  • Prerequisites: RE 172 and instructor permission required.

The course is designed to provide students with practical experience with agencies who provide wildland fire management services. 

RE 294 Field Work (A, B, C and/or D) 1-2 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter Summer
  • Prerequisites: RE 110, RE 191, RE 250 or RE 270 strongly recommended or concurrent enrollment. ORLM majors or minors only.

This course is designed to give students supervised practical experience in a professional setting. Emphasis is placed on leadership responsibilities of planning, conducting and evaluating activities.

Notes: May be repeated for a total of three credit hours.
RE 352 Wilderness First Responder 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Fall Winter

Covers CPR, body systems, trauma management for extended periods, environmental emergencies, equipment improvisation, patient assessment, toxins, wilderness rescue and backcountry medicine. CPR and WFR certifications offered. Includes lectures, practical sessions and rescue simulations.

RE 355 Challenge Course Facilitation 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Contact Department for Information
  • Prerequisites: RE 262 or HPE 290 or instructor permission.

This course is based on curriculum developed by the Professional Ropes Course Association and will result in that association’s Qualified Ropes Course Professional Certification. The course will cover the use, inspection and maintenance of hardware, equipment, and materials used in a challenge course setting. This course will also focus on the experiential education skills of facilitation of individual and group development.

RE 356 Expedition Leadership 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Contact department for schedule
  • Prerequisites: RE 262 and instructor permission required.

Expedition Leadership utilizes an extended backcountry wilderness expedition that focuses on expedition planning, outdoor leadership, group behavior and dynamics, expedition behavior, low-impact camping, and Leave No Trace ethics. Fees required.


Can be repeated for credit if the focus of the course varies.

RE 357 Teaching and Guiding of Canoeing 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Contact department for information
  • Prerequisites: Instructor’s permission, RE 262, minimum certification in first aid/CPR, WFR/WFA preferred. Successful completion of a swimming test administered in conjunction with the class.

Covers tandem and solo strokes, techniques, and maneuvers, and the basics of flat and moving water canoeing. Development of canoe-specific trip planning, safety, rescue, navigation, camping, judgement, decision making, and other water related skills needed to safely lead and teach day trips and multi-day canoeing experiences. The course is conducted in the field at various flat and moving water canoeing sites and includes an multi-day field experience.

RE 358 Teaching of Rock Climbing 4 cr.  (2-0-4)
  • Offered: Contact department for information
  • Prerequisites: RE 261, HP 258A or HP 258B, and instructor permission.

This course will build upon existing basic knowledge and skills in technical free rock climbing with a focus on development of advanced skills and judgments necessary to teach the activity to others. Conducted in two phases over the winter semester and an eight-day off-campus period during the spring/summer.

RE 363 Evaluation/Research in Leisure Services 4 cr.  (4-0-0)
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: Junior standing.

Students will gain an understanding for how to review scientific research in the field of outdoor recreation and to be able to apply this to the research and evaluation process. Students will gain a basic knowledge for descriptive statistic used in evaluation in leisure and outdoor recreation.

RE 372 Fire Crew 3 cr.  (1-0-2)
  • Offered: On demand
  • Graded: S/U
  • Prerequisites: RE 172.

This course will involve the student in an intense, hands-on field experience in wildland fire management. Extra fees required. Out-of-state travel required. 


Formerly RE 377: Field Experience in Wild Land Firefighting