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UN 050 Undergraduate Professional Development Studies 0-4 cr.
  • Offered: On Demand
  • Graded: S/U
This course focuses on areas of study not available in the current curricula. Course content will explore topical and timely areas of interest (e.g., global warming). University and community professionals will serve as instructors in the course. Class participation will be strongly encouraged. Notes: This course does not apply to any degree program.
UN 100 Freshman Seminar 2 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter
Focusing on the academic strategies, resource knowledge and social networking necessary for freshmen to make the transition to college, this course is designed to empower students with the life skills necessary for success in college. Taken in conjunction with the First Year Experience (FYE) program.
UN 101 Personal Career Development 1 cr.
  • Offered: On demand
Development of career planning skills and an introduction to career history. Students will learn how to choose careers that match their personal characteristics and interests. Attendance and careful work are stressed to prepare students for the world of work. This course is designed for students with little or no experience with career planning. However, students should have a semester of college credits or at least two years of career experience past high school.
UN 110 Freshman Seminar 2 2 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Co-requisites: Concurrent enrollment in EN 101.

Focuses on strengthening the foundational skills developed in UN 100B; skills that are necessary for continued academic success at the college level. The course will enhance students’ oral and written communication skills, augment involvement in the academic and career planning process, and strengthen self-awareness as a college student and community member.

UN 250 Leadership Theory and Practice 2 cr.
  • Offered: Fall
  • Prerequisites: Application and selection into the Student Leader Fellowship Program. (Applications are available at the beginning of the winter semester in the Center for Student Enrichment.)
Leadership and motivation theories, group dynamics, ethics, leadership applications in communities, and cultural and gender differences as they apply to leadership are discussed in class and related to the student’s experience with leadership on campus. Course format includes small group discussions, role-plays, simulation exercises and case studies.
UN 391 FYE Teaching Internship Seminar 1 cr.
  • Offered: Fall Winter
  • Prerequisites: Students taking the course must apply and be selected to serve as a teaching intern for the FYE Program. Qualified students must have junior status or have completed at least 56 credits toward graduation. They must also carry a minimum grade point average of 2.50 and be free of any academic or disciplinary probation.

This seminar will provide participating upperclassmen with direct experience leading and facilitating groups of students enrolled in the UN 100 Freshman Seminar.