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This major provides a basic understanding of the criminal justice system and its components. Students additionally complete a number of advanced criminal justice electives selected to address their individual interests and professional goals.

All criminal justice and loss prevention courses used for the criminal justice major must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Criminal Justice department page.

For related information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, http://www.bls.gov/ooh/protective-service/home.htm

Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Required Courses in Major42
Criminal Justice Core22
CJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice [PERS]4
CJ 212 Introduction to Policing or4
CJ 220 Introduction to Corrections (4 cr.) 
CJ 213 Introduction to Criminal Courts4
CJ 263 Criminology4
CJ 315 Criminal Procedure4
CJ 490 Professional Development and Assessment2

Criminal Justice Electives*20
Choose from the following. At least 16 credits must be at the 300 level or above.
CJ 214 Criminal Investigation (4 cr.) 
CJ 221 Roles of the Corrections Client (4 cr.) 
CJ 223 Use of Force and Less Lethal Weapons (4 cr.) 
CJ 245 Legal Issues in Corrections (4 cr.) 
CJ 250 Investigative Interviewing and Interrogation (4 cr.) 
CJ 255 Drugs, Crime and the Justice System (4 cr.) 
CJ 270 Conservation Law Enforcement (4 cr.) 
CJ 273 Environmental Conservation Criminology (4 cr.) 
CJ 285 Race, Crime, and Criminal Justice (4 cr.) 
CJ 295 Special Topics in Criminal Justice (1 - 4 cr.) 
CJ 308 Media and Crime (4 cr.) 
CJ 309 Alternative Responses to Traumatized Juvenile Victims (4 cr.) 
CJ 322 Institutional Corrections (4 cr.) 
CJ 323 Community-Based Corrections (4 cr.) 
CJ 333 Forensic Photography (4 cr.) 
CJ 340 Firearms and Violence (4 cr.) 
CJ 350 Substantive Criminal Law (4 cr.) 
CJ 357 Serial Killers (4 cr.) 
CJ 365 Juvenile Justice (4 cr.) 
CJ 370 American Street Gangs (4 cr.) [PERS] 
CJ 383 Environmental Conservation Law (4 cr.) 
CJ 412 Crisis Intervention and Stress Analysis (4 cr.) 
CJ 414 Advanced Criminal Investigation (4 cr.) 
CJ 426 International Crime and Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (4 cr.) 
CJ 429 Advanced Policing (4 cr.) 
CJ 432 Violent Crime and Victimology (4 cr.) 
CJ 435 Domestic and International Terrorism (4 cr.) 
CJ 440 Discretionary Justice (4 cr.) 
CJ 454 Wildlife Crime (4 cr.) 
CJ 460 Native American Justice (4 cr.) 
CJ 465 Problem Solving in Criminal Justice (4 cr.) 
CJ 470 Liability Law in Criminal Justice (4 cr.) 
CJ 480 Cybercrime (4 cr.) 
CJ 485 Cold Case Homicide Seminar (4 cr.) 
CJ 491 Internship in Criminal Justice (4 - 16 cr.) 
CJ 495 Special Topics in Criminal Justice ** (1 - 4 cr.) 
CJ 497 Teaching/Research Apprenticeship *** (1 - 4 cr.) 
CJ 498 Directed Study *** (1 - 4 cr.) 


Other approved CJ course work (e.g., transfer credit or newly approved CJ courses) at the 200-400 level, not listed, may be used to satisfy the requirements in the CJ elective area. Up to 4 credits of CJ 491 Internship may count toward the major. Additional CJ 491 credits will count in the general electives area.

**No more than 8 credits of CJ 495 may be counted toward the major.

***No more than 4 credits of CJ 497 and/or CJ 498 may be counted toward the criminal justice major.


1.     This degree requires an overall 2.0 GPA.

2.     All criminal justice courses used in the major require a minimum grade of "C".

3.     CJ 191, CJ 298 do not apply toward the bachelor’s degree program.