This minor, which is designed to complement almost any major, teaches students strong communication skills through the study of film.

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Total Credits Required 16
Choose at least 12 credits from the following: 12
EN 125 Introduction to Film (4 cr.) [HUME]
EN 225 History of World Cinema (4 cr.)
EN 325 Authorship in the Cinema (4 cr.)
EN 326 National Cinema (4 cr.)
EN 364 Studies in Genre, Film (4 cr.)
EN 425 Topics in Film Theory (4 cr.)
EN 498 Directed Study (1 - 4 cr.)
Choose four credits from the following: 4
     AD 112 Digital Cinema: Foundations (4 cr.)
     AD 212 Digital Cinema: Image Design (4 cr.)
     AD 312A Digital Cinema: Nonfiction Forms (4 cr.)
     BC 410 The Documentary (4 cr.)
     LG 317 World Studies through Literature in Translation * (4 cr.) [PERS]

*When topic is film.