The Gender and Sexuality Studies minor challenges students to think critically and communicate effectively about constructions of gender and sexuality and their intersections with categories such as race, class, ethnicity, religion, nationality, and age, among others. This interdisciplinary program will equip students with the knowledge and abilities to recognize gender- and sexuality-based inequalities and work toward positive change.

Students are encouraged to take GN 100 as early as possible. 

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Total Credits Required 20

Core Course 4
GN 100 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies [SOCR] 4
Electives 16
Choose from the following:
AD 376 Art, Gender, Psyche (4 cr.)  
AN 100 Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology (4 cr.) [SOCR]  
DFST 361 Multi-Culturalism: Deaf Minorities Within (3 cr.)  
EN 250 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality in Literature (4 cr.) [INTT]  
EN 440 Topics in Gender in Literature (4 cr.)  
GN 295 Special Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies * (1 - 4 cr.)  
GN 444 Gender and Environment (4 cr.)  
GN 495 Special Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies * (1 - 4 cr.)  
HL 420 Gender and Diversity Issues in Sport (3 cr.)  
HS 273 LGBT History (4 cr.)  
HS 283 American Women's History (4 cr.) [PERS]  
HS 330 United States Sport History (4 cr.) [PERS]  
HS 354 History of Prejudice (4 cr.) [INTT]  
LG 317 World Studies through Literature in Translation (4 cr.) [PERS]  
    Only when topic is gender related  
NAS 280 Storytelling by Native American Women (4 cr.) [PERS]  
NAS 414 First Nations Women (4 cr.)  
PL 250 Feminist Theory (4 cr.)  
PS 319 Women and U.S. Politics (4 cr.)  
PSY 223 Psychology of Gender (4 cr.)  
PSY 245 Psychology of Human Sexuality (4 cr.)  
PSY 420 Psychology of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Culture (4 cr.)  
SO 232 Sociology of Family and Intimate Relationships (4 cr.) [PERS]  
SO 362 Gender and Society (4 cr.) [PERS]  
SO 372 Minority Groups (4 cr.) [SOCR]  
TE 261 Women in Science and Technology (4 cr.)  
AD, AN, EN, GN HS, LG, NAS, NE, PL, PSY, PY, SO or SW 498 Directed Study** (1-4 cr.)  

*Course may be repeated.

**Courses not listed above that have a gender and/or sexuality focus may be submitted to the Gender and Sexuality Studies Program Committee ( for approval toward the minor on an ad hoc basis as new courses arise.