Students must obtain a 2.00 GPA in their (combined) business core and major courses as well as a 2.00 cumulative Northern Michigan University GPA.

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Business, College of department page.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Total Credits in the Program72-81
Cyber Security52
Foundational Cyber Security Core28
CIS 100 Computer Concepts in Modern Society4
IS 116 Cybersecurity Fundamentals4
CIS 226 Introduction to Networks and Security4
CS 202 Python4
IS 236 Cybersecurity Foundations4
CIS 250 Systems Analysis and Design4
 CS 101 Website Construction (4 cr.) [INT] 
CS 120 Computer Science I (4 cr.) 
 CIS 155 Software Development I (4 cr.) 
CIS 222 Quantitative Business Analysis (4 cr.) 
Advanced Cybersecurity Core24
CIS 464 Database Management System4
MGT 336 Cyber Law4
CS 302 Unix System Administration4
CIS 336 Network Operating Systems4
IS 436 Network Security Tools and Techniques4
CJ 480 Cybercrime (4 cr.) 
MKT 470 E-Commerce and Digital Marketing (4 cr.) 
     Any IS, CIS, or CS 300-400 level course not counted toward any other major or minor 
Other Required Course4
DATA 109 Introduction to Statistics [QUAR]4
Select One of the Following Tracks16-25
Business Track*20
 ACT 230 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting4
MGT 221 Legal Environment of Business4
MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing4
 MGT 240 Organizational Behavior and Management4
MGT 344 Managerial Communication4
Computer Science Track**15-16
CS 120 Computer Science I  [QUANT]4
CS 122 Computer Science II  4
CS 201 Programming in C++3
Choose one course from the following:
CS 228 Network Programming (3 cr.) 
CS 344 iOS/iPhone Programming (4 cr.) 
CS 345 Android Programming (4 cr.) 
CS 365 Client-side Web Programming (4 cr.) 
CS 465 Server-side Web Programming (3 cr.) 
Military Science Track***25
Basic Course5
MS 139 Leadership and Confidence Building1
MS 159 Leadership, Confidence Building and Winter Training1
MS 239 Leadership at the Unit Level1
MS 259 Troop Leader Training1
MS 269 Army Physical Fitness Training1
Advanced Course16
MS 339 Advanced Leadership Training4
MS 359 Applied Leadership Training4
 MS 439 Leadership4
MS 459 Team Development      
Supplemental Core Course4
MS 290 American Military History4

This program does not require admittance into the College of Business.

This major does not require a minor.

*Courses cannot be double counted toward another major or minor.

**Courses cannot double count as electives in the core, other majors, or minors.

***MS 339 and MS 359 are only available to contracted cadets and are required courses for the Military Science track.