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Total Credits Required 20

The electives may be chosen from any of the courses under the international studies major, non-regional or regional tracks.

No more than 8 credits of any prefix other than IP can apply as electives.

Up to 8 credits can be applied from the list of non-regional elective courses and/or core for the international studies major.

Courses listed for the regional tracks of the international studies major may also be used as electives.


Additional Requirements:

Study Abroad

International Studies minors must have a study abroad experience, normally in a non-English speaking country, for at least 2 weeks. Many of the credits earned can be applied to the minor. Students who attended high school in another country may petition the international studies advisory committee for exemption from the requirement for study abroad.

 Language Proficiency

International studies minors must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English at the 102 level or higher. This can be accomplished by completing a 102 (or 200 or higher) course in a language or by verification through the Languages, Literatures and International Studies Department (i.e. determined by examination or through some other means of confirming proficiency).

Program Approval

A program approval for international studies minors must be prepared and approved by an academic advisor from the Languages, Literatures and International Studies Department and a copy forwarded to Degree Evaluations in the Registrar’s Office. A degree evaluation will not be performed until approval is received.