This degree provides training that will produce well-rounded and competent law enforcement practitioners. This includes, but is not limited to, competence in oral and written communications, an understanding of psychological and social issues relevant to criminal justice, the role of law enforcement in social control and in the larger criminal justice system and an appreciation for the dilemma inherent in policing a free society.

All criminal justice and loss prevention courses used for the associate degree in law enforcement must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

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Total Credits Required 60
General Education 24
EN 111 College Composition I [EFFC] 4
EN 211 College Composition II [EFFC] 4
General Education Electives 16
Choose 16 credit hours from the following:
    Quantitative Reasoning Elective (4 cr.)
    Social Responsibility in a Diverse World Elective (4-8 cr.)
    Integrative Thinking Elective (4 cr.)
    Human Expression Elective (4 cr.)
    Perspectives on Society Elective (4 cr.)
    Scientific Inquiry Elective (4 cr.)

Required Courses in Major 28
CJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice [PERS] 4
CJ 212 Introduction to Policing 4
CJ 299 Police Academy ** 12
Criminal Justice Electives* 8

General Electives 8

*Other approved CJ course work (e.g., transfer credit or newly approved CJ courses) at the 200-400 level (except CJ 491 Internship), not listed, may be used to satisfy the requirements in the CJ elective area. CJ 491 Internship will count in the general elective area.

**Or satisfactory completion of a Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) approved police academy or equivalent.

***No more than 4 credits of CJ 191 and/or CJ 298 may be applied toward this degree. CJ 191 and CJ 298 do not apply toward the bachelor’s degree major.


1.     This degree requires an overall 2.0 GPA.

2.     All criminal justice courses used in the major require a minimum grade of "C".