Only those chemistry courses passed with a grade of “C-” or better apply to the medicinal plant chemistry major. 

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Chemistry department page.

Total Credits Required 120
General Education


Required Courses in Major85-91
CH 111 General Chemistry I [SCII]5
CH 112 General Chemistry II5
CH 189 Medicinal Plant Chemistry Seminar I1
CH 242 Quantitative Analysis2
CH 289 Medicinal Plant Chemistry Seminar II1
CH 315 Organic Chemistry I3
CH 317 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1
CH 325 Organic Chemistry II3
CH 327 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II1
CH 389 Medicinal Plant Chemistry Seminar III1
CH 420 Medicinal Plant Chemistry I5
CH 421 Medicinal Plant Chemistry II5
CH 435 Gas and Liquid Chromatography2
CH 450 Biochemistry I4
CH 479 Graduate Assessment for Chemistry0
BI 111 Introductory Biology: Principles [SCII]4
BI 112 Introductory Biology: Diversity4
BI 330 Applied Plant Science (4 cr.) or4-8
BI 230 Plant Kingdom (4 cr.) and 
BI 431 Plant Physiology (4 cr.) 
DATA 109 Introduction to Statistics [QUAR]; or4
BI 412 Biostatistics (4 cr.) 
GC 100 Physical Geography [SCII]4
GC 202 Soils4

Entrepreneurial Track24
ACT 230 Principles of Accounting I4
MGT 215 Entrepreneurship4
MGT 221 Business Law I: Legal Environment of Business4
Choose three courses from the following: 
ACT 240 Principles of Accounting II (4 cr.) 
ACT 311 Cost Accounting (4 cr.) 
ACT 321 Federal Income Taxation (4 cr.) 
CIS 222 Quantitative Business Problem Solving (4 cr.) 
FIN 351 Financial Management I (4 cr.) 
FIN 413 New Venture Finance: Capital Formation and Legal Issues (4 cr.) 
MGT 240 Organizational Behavior and Management (4 cr.) 
MGT 414 Small Enterprise Management (4 cr.) 
MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing (4 cr.) or 
MKT 310 Marketing for Entrepreneurship (4 cr.) 
PS 434 Cannabis Law (4 cr.) 

Bio-Analytical Track20-25
CH 241 Chemical Equilibrium3
CH 437 Atomic Spectrometry1
BI 218 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology [SCII]4
BI 312 Genetics4
Choose three courses from the following: 
(Any combination of CH 490 and CH 491 up to a
     total of 4 cr. will count as a single course).
BI 203 Medical Microbiology (3 - 5 cr.) or 
BI 303 General Microbiology (5 cr.) or 
BI 402 Microbial Ecology (4 cr.) 
BI 234 Field Mycology (4 cr.) 
BI 412 Biostatistics *  (4 cr.) 
BI 431 Plant Physiology (4 cr.) 
BI 433 Boreal Flora (3 - 4 cr.) 
CH 215 Chemistry of the Elements (4 cr.) 
CH 436 Modern Spectroscopy (3 cr.) 
CH 490 Senior Research and Seminar I (2-4 cr.) and/or 
CH 491 Senior Research and Seminar II (2-4 cr.) 


*BI 412 and BI 431 can not be counted for elective credit if used for mathematics or biology credit for required course in the major.

This major does not require a minor.