The Multimedia Journalism major will help students acquire the writing and research skills necessary for providing audiences with compelling and relevant stories in a variety of media formats. Students will learn how to create content for broadcast, magazines, newspapers and online publications. In addition to receiving intensive writing instruction, students will gain an understanding of the technical, aesthetic and legal elements of this field.

All department majors must maintain a 2.50 grade point average in the major and earn at least a “C-” in all major courses that are required for graduation, unless otherwise noted. 

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Communication and Media Studies department page.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Required Courses in Major 37*
Major Core 33
CS 101 - Website Construction [INTT] 4
BC 165 Introduction to Mass Media [PERS] or 4
     EN 206 Survey of Journalism (4 cr.) [PERS]
BC 200 Introduction to Multimedia Journalism 4
BC 470 Mass Communication Law 4
BC 473M Advanced Media Production-Multimedia 4
BC 493 Senior Portfolio 1
EN 217 News Writing and Reporting 4
EN 407 Feature and Magazine Writing 4
BC 491 Broadcast Practicum 2
     BC 492 Internship in Broadcasting (1 - 8 cr.)
EN 480 Practicum or 2
     EN 491 Internship (2 - 6 cr.)
Major Elective 4
Choose one course from following: 4
     AD 118 Graphic Design: Foundations (4 cr.)
     AD 134 Computer Art: Foundations (4 cr.)
     BC 310 Sports and Special Events Programming (4 cr.)
     BC 430 Health Communication and Media (4 cr.) [INTT]
     BC 471 Mass Communication and Society (4 cr.) [PERS]
     BC 473F Advanced Media Production-Field Television Production (4 cr.)
     BC 495 Special Topics in Broadcasting (1 - 4 cr.)
     EN 303 Technical and Professional Writing (4 cr.)
     EN 306 Journalism Editing and Design (4 cr.)
     EN 495 Special Topics (1 - 4 cr.)
     PS 480 Media and Politics (4 cr.)
     SP 320 New Media Literacy (4 cr.)

Recommended General Education Courses  
PS 101 Introduction to Political Science (4 cr.) [PERS]
PS 105 American Government (4 cr.) [PERS]
SO 113 Social Problems (4 cr.) [PERS]
EC 101 Introduction to Economics (4 cr.) [PERS]
DATA 109 Introduction to Statistics (4 cr.) [QUAR]

*Credits required may vary depending on courses transferred from other schools (e.g. 3 cr. vs. 4 cr. courses).

This major does not require a minor.