This concentration is a good choice for pre-medicine or pre-physician assistant students. The program provides students with a strong foundation in laboratory medicine, a major discipline within internal medicine, and enough general electives to select the additional courses required for graduate school. Students interested in graduate education may choose additional courses in organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, physics, genetics as needed for specific programs.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Courses Required for Concentration 50-51
Concentration Core Courses 34
Base Core 17
CLS 202 Clinical Chemistry 4
CLS 214 Diagnostic Microbiology 3
CLS 402 Advanced Clinical Chemistry 2
CLS 416 Diagnostic Genetics, Genomics, and Cytogenetics 4
CLS 436 Medical Genetics 4
Choose One of the Options Below:
    Option 1: Clinical Laboratory Certification 16
         CLS 244 Clinical Laboratory Simulations 4
         CLS 250T Clinical Practice 2
         CLS 251 Clinical Hematology Practicum 3
         CLS 252 Clinical Chemistry Practicum 4
         CLS 253 Blood Bank Practicum 3
    Option 2: Forensics 16
         BI 418 Molecular Biology 4
         CJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice [PERS] 4
        Criminal Justice Electives 8
    Option 3: Biotechnology 15-16
    Choose four courses from the following:
         BI 404 Virology 3
         BI 406 Advanced Cell Biology 4
         BI 418 Molecular Biology 4
         BI 419 Biology of Cancer 4
         CH 454 Biochemical Techniques 4
Other Required Courses in Concentration 18
BI 218 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology [SCII] 4
CH 220 Introduction to Organic Chemistry ** 5
CH 450 Biochemistry I 4
PH 201 College Physics I [SCII] 5

*See Clinical Laboratory Science Major for a complete list of required courses.

**Prerequisites are CH 111 and CH 112.