The Cannabis and Plant-Based Wellness Operations A.A.S. focuses on the development of frontline skills needed for careers in the quickly expanding cannabis and other plant-based wellness retail industries. Students develop the competencies needed to interact with and lawfully instruct others about cannabis and other plant-based wellness, including how plant-based products can impact systems in the human body. Regulatory components of cannabis and other plant-based wellness retail operations including processes for establishing compliance protocols as well as practices for remaining compliant are emphasized. Instruction incorporates traditional use of cannabis and other plants for wellness.

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Total Credits Required 60
General Education Courses 16
     Choose one course each from:  
     Effective Communication 4
     Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis 4
     Choose two courses from:  
     Limit one course maximum from any category. 8
     Social Responsibility in a Diverse World (4 cr.)  
     Integrative Thinking (4 cr.)  
     Human Expression (4 cr.)  
     Perspectives on Society  (4 cr.)  
     Scientific Inquiry (4 cr.)  
Technical Concentration 32
CO 111 Cannabis Fundamentals 4
CO 121 Cannabis: Uses and Effects 2
CO 131 Dispensary Operations 2
CO 211 Federal Dispensary Regulations 2
CO 212 State Dispensary Regulations 2
LDR 200 Ethical Leadership in the Workplace 4
PBW 101 Applied Natural Wellness Retail 4
PBW 111 Fundamentals of Natural Wellness 4
PBW 121 Wellness Plants: Uses and Effects 4
PBW 131 Plant Wellness Customer Service 4
PBW 289 Graduation Assessment for Cannabis and Plant-Based Wellness Operations 0
Electives 12
Recommended Elective Courses  
MGT 121 Introduction to Business; or 4
     MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing (4 cr.)  
GC 101 Introduction to Environmental Science 4
LPM 101 Principles of Asset Protection 4
LPM 290 Retail Accounting and Inventory Control 4

This major requires a "C" or higher in the Technical Concentration.