Rooted in Great Lakes Anishinaabe Indigenous worldviews, classes range from Anishinaabe language to governance and expression to education. This NAS minor allows students to create their own educational path based on their primary academic area of study. It is designed to share contemporary and historical experiences and ways of life of Indigenous peoples from an Indigenous perspective.


For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Native American Studies department page.

Total Credits Required 24
Required Courses 8
NAS 204 Native American Experience [SOCR] 4
NAS 300 or 400 Level Course 4
Students are required to take at least 16 additional credits including any Native American Studies courses and the approved elective list below with at least 8 credits at the 300 level or above. Students overall G.P.A. for the NAS minor should be a minimum of 2.0.
NAS Electives 16
AD 200 Native American Art and Architecture (4 cr.)
AD 295 Special Topics in Art and Design* (1 - 4 cr.)
AN 320 Native Peoples of North America (4 cr.)
AN 330 Indians of the Western Great Lakes (4 cr.)
EN 311Z World Literature in English* (4 cr.) [SOCR]
EN 314 Traditional Oral Literatures: Selected Native American Cultures (4 cr.) [SOCR]
EN 316 Native American Novels and Poetry (4 cr.) [SOCR]
EN 317 Native American Drama, Nonfiction and Short Stories (4 cr.) [SOCR]
EN 430 Major Authors* (4 cr.)
HS 233 Native American History (4 cr.) [SOCR]
HS 295 Special Topics in History* (1 - 4 cr.)
MU 325 World Music* (4 cr.) [HUME]
NAS Prefixed Courses, Any (1-4 cr.)
PS 295 Special Topics in Political Science (1 - 4 cr.) *
SO 295 Special Topics in Sociology (1 - 4 cr.) *

This minor cannot be selected by Native American Studies Majors.

*Note: AD 295, HS 295, PS 295, SO 295, EN 311Z, MU 325 and EN 430 are courses of variable content. Credit only applies to the minor when these courses deal with Native American subject matter. Special topics or directed studies in Native American Studies may also be taken for 1-4 credits with approval.