A minor in applied ethics provides students with a strong ethical background in a number of professional fields. It is an excellent complement for students majoring in business, law, paralegal, or for students preparing for a career in a medical field.

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Total Credits Required 16
Applied Ethics Core 8
PL 180 Introduction to Ethics [PERS] 4
PL 310 Social and Political Philosophy [PERS] 4
Philosophy Elective 4
Choose one course from the following: 4
PL 100 Introduction to Philosophy (4 cr.) [INTT]
PL 160 Introduction to Logic (4 cr.) [QUAR]
PL 260 Philosophy of the Arts (4 cr.) [INTT]
PL 280 Philosophy of Religion (4 cr.) [INTT]
PL 330 Existentialism (4 cr.) [INTT]
Ethics Elective 4
Choose one course from the following: 4
PL 181 Business Ethics (4 cr.) [PERS]
PL 182 Computer, Information, and Technology Ethics (4 cr.) [PERS]
PL 184 Legal Ethics (4 cr.) [PERS]
PL 185 Medical and Bioethics (4 cr.) [PERS]
PL 188 Introduction to Environmental Philosophy (4 cr.)

If needed, the student may include a course from another department that deals with the implementation of theoretical norms for a maximum of four credits. If an elective course from another department is used for the applied ethics minor, it must be chosen in consultation with an adviser from the Philosophy Department. When approved, the student’s adviser will then file the name of the course with the Registrar's Office.