Students must achieve a 2.5 overall GPA in the minor.

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Total Credits Required 16
MU 101 Theory 1 2
MU 103 Class Piano 1 2
MU 145 Introduction to Music Literature [HUME] or 3
     MU 125 Music in Society (3 cr.) [HUME]
Music Electives 9

Note: A student can have no more than five repeats of “failed” courses in the music minor. 

Department Approval

Department approval is required to declare a music minor. Students should register for the required courses listed above (MU101, MU103, and MU125 or MU145) and meet with the Department Head in their freshman or sophomore year to discuss the elective courses they intend to take to fulfill the minor requirements. Students meet with the Department Head once again late in their junior year to discuss their progress and make any adjustments that may be required at that time. The Department Head will submit the approved plan to the Registrar.

Elective Options

Music minor electives (9 credits total) should typically represent a mixture of performance lessons, ensemble participation, and additional academic music classes.

Performances Lessons

Lessons are available for all major instruments (brass, woodwinds, etc.) and voice.  All lessons are 1 credit each. These courses may be repeated for credit.


All Department of Music ensembles are open to minors – Marching Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, University Choir, etc. All ensembles are .5 credits each.  These courses may be repeated for credit.

Academic Courses

Choose from a wide range of courses, including MU127 The Beatles: Their Music/Times, MU320 Survey of Jazz, MU325 World Music, and many more.