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NAS majors must achieve a GPA of 2.25 or higher in all major required courses.

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Native American Studies department page.

Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Native American Studies Major 40
Required Core Courses 16
NAS 204 Native American Experience [SOCR] 4
NAS 212 Michigan & Wisconsin Tribal Relations [SOCR] 4
NAS 310 Tribal Law and Government 4
NAS 315 History of Indian Boarding School Education [INTT] 4
Anishinaabemowin (Anishinaabe Language) 4
NAS 101 Spark of the Three Fires: Anishinaabe Language, Culture and Community I[HUME] or 4
     NAS 207 Beautiful Walks on Turtle Island: Seasonal Experience Anishinaabe Language  (4 cr.) [HUME]  
Capstone (both theoretical and applied) 8
NAS 404 Research and Engagement in Native American Studies 4
NAS 488 Native American Community Engagement (4 cr.) 4
Native American Studies Electives 12
Choose twelve credits from below with at least eight credits at the 300 level or above.
AD 200 Native American Art and Architecture (4 cr.)  
AN 320 Native Peoples of North America (4 cr.)  
AN 330 Indians of the Western Great Lakes (4 cr.)  
CJ 460 Native American Justice (4 cr.)  
EN 311Z World Literature in English * (4 cr.) [SOCR]  
EN 314 Traditional Oral Literatures: Selected Native American Cultures (4 cr.) [SOCR]  
EN 316 Native American Novels and Poetry (4 cr.) [SOCR]  
EN 317 Native American Drama, Nonfiction and Short Stories (4 cr.) [SOCR]  
EN 410 Genres of Writing * (1 - 4 cr.)  
EN 430 Major Authors * (4 cr.)  
HS 233 Native American History (4 cr.) [SOCR]  
MU 325 World Music * (4 cr.) [HUME]  
NAS 230 Decolonizing with Indigenous Foods (4 cr.)
All courses with NAS prefix not already included in required courses.
Minor 16
Choose any minor except the following; the Native American Studies minor or the Native American Community Services minor.

Special topics courses, directed studies and course substitutions with significant Native American subject matter from other academic areas may be added with NAS Faculty Affairs Committee and department head approval prior to offering the course.

*Course with variable content. Credit only applies when there is primarily Native American subject matter.