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Psychology at NMU

The Department of Psychological Science promotes the discovery, communication and application of the scientific principles of psychology. The department offers courses and programs suitable for majors and minors interested in psychology, and students majoring in other areas needing or desiring psychological cognates and electives. Courses emphasize the research methodology and data of both human and lower animal behavior as well as its theoretical and applied implications. Students are encouraged to participate in the rigorous search for the how and why of behavior and the identification and potential resolution of significant problems.

The major programs in psychology can lead either to a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. Students desiring a major in psychology choose one of three areas of emphasis: psychology, behavior analysis, or behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. The department also offers minor programs in psychology and child care services.


Student Organizations

  • Student Psychological Association
  • Psi Chi Honor Society


Department Facilities

The department maintains human and animal experimental laboratories, student research rooms, laboratory classrooms, computer labs, and student study areas. The department also houses the Behavior Education Assessment and Research (BEAR) Center, which provides therapeutic services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disorders.


Department/Program Policies

To apply to the psychology, psychology/behavior analysis, and behavior and cognitive neuroscience majors, all psychology courses, both transfer and NMU, must be completed with a grade of “C-” or higher. Courses comprising the psychology minor and the human services minor also must be completed with a grade of “C-” or higher.


Interdisciplinary Bachelor Degree Program

See Interdisciplinary and Individually Created Programs for more information on the following program.

  Neuroscience Major



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