This major is a professional program designed to meet, and in some cases surpass, the Public Relations Society of America’s Guidelines for Undergraduate Education. It teaches the kind of research, writing, planning and budgeting skills that students need to succeed in the job market and allows them to employ these skills on behalf of a variety of clients.

All department majors must maintain a 2.50 grade point average in the major and earn at least a “C-” in all major courses that are required for graduation, unless otherwise noted. 

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Public Relations Core 30
PR 231 Introduction to Public Relations 4
PR 250 Research in Public Relations 4
PR 330 Public Relations Message Design 4
PR 332 Sustainable Business [SOCR] 4
PR 430 Public Relations Case Studies 4
PR 431 Campaigns 4
PR 492 Internship in Public Relations (1 - 8 cr.) 2
Select one course from the following: 4
     BC 200 Introduction to Multimedia Journalism (4 cr.)
     EN 206 Survey of Journalism (4 cr.) [PERS]
     EN 217 News Writing and Reporting (4 cr.)
PR Theoretical Electives 16
Choose four courses from the following:
     AD 118 Graphic Design: Foundations (4 cr.)
     BC 470 Mass Communication Law (4 cr.)
     BC 471 Mass Communication and Society (4 cr.) [PERS]
     MGT 221 Business Law I: Legal Environment of Business (4 cr.)
     MGT 240 Organizational Behavior and Management (4 cr.)
     MGT 344 Managerial Communication (4 cr.)
     MGT 475 International Business (4 cr.)
     MKT 230 Introduction to Marketing (4 cr.)
     MKT 310 Marketing for Entrepreneurship (4 cr.)
     MKT 335 Consumer Behavior Analysis (4 cr.)
     MKT 360 Controversial Issues in Marketing and Management (4 cr.)
     MKT 430 Services Marketing (4 cr.)
     MKT 432 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications (4 cr.)
     MKT 438 Marketing Management (4 cr.)
     MKT 466 International Marketing (4 cr.)
     PR 495 Special Topics in Public Relations (2 - 4 cr.)
     PR 350 Sport Public Relations and Media (4 cr.)
     PR 410 Sport Public Relations – Theory & Strategy (4 cr.)
     PR 432 Environmental Campaigns (4 cr.)
     SP 320 New Media Literacy (4 cr.)

This major does not require a minor.