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This degree is designed for students who already hold a RN license, but who have not completed a baccalaureate program. See admission and retention standards for this program outlined above. Credit for a maximum of 47 semester hours will be granted towards required courses in major to those individuals transferring from an accredited nursing program or community college.

Students majoring in nursing must maintain a minimum 2.25 NMU cumulative grade point average and must complete all nursing courses with a minimum grade of “C”, or “S” when the course is graded "S/U".

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Nursing - Baccalaureate department page.

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Total Credits Required 120
General Education
Required Courses in Major 63
Note: 47 credits of advanced placement are provided to RN to BSN students who hold an RN license and an associate degree in nursing. RN to BSN students take 16 credits of coursework during their time at NMU from the list below which include NU 311, NU 411, NU 414, NU 421, NU 441, NU 454. Other listed courses are covered through advanced placement credit.
NU 211 Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice (Theory) (T)* 4
NU 212 Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice (Clinic) 3
NU 221 Pharmacology I (T)* 2
NU 231 Pathophysiology (T)* 3
NU 301 Nursing Care of Adults I (Theory) (T)* 4
NU 302 Nursing Care of Adults I (Clinic) (C)* 6
NU 311 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice (T) 2
NU 321 Nursing Care of Women and the Perinatal Family (Theory) (T)* 3
NU 322 Nursing Care of Women and the Perinatal Family (Clinic) (C)* 2
NU 331 Nursing Care of Children/Adolescents (Theory) (T)* 3
NU 332 Nursing Care of Children/Adolescents (Clinic) (C)* 2
NU 341 Pharmacology II (T)* 3
NU 401 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (Theory) (T)* 4
NU 402 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (Clinic) (C)* 3
NU 411 Nursing Care of Populations (Theory) (T) 4
NU 414 Nursing Care of Populations for the Practicing Nurse (Clinical) (C) 3
NU 421 Nursing Issues Seminar (T) 2
NU 431 Nursing Care of Adults II (Theory) (T)* 2
NU 432 Nursing Care of Adults II (Clinic) (C)* 3
NU 441 Leadership and Management in Nursing (Theory) (T) 2
NU 454 Professional Nursing Practice (Clinical) (C) 3

Other Required Courses** 26
AH 102 Growth and Development [INTT] 3
AH 201 Nutrition for Health Professions I 2
AH 202 Nutrition for Health Professions II 2
BI 203 Medical Microbiology (3 - 5 cr.) 3
BI 207 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 4
BI 208 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 4
CH 109 Introductory Organic and Biochemistry for the Health Sciences [SCII] 4
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychological Science [SCII] or 4
     PSY 101 General Psychology (3 cr.) [PERS]

*Students are required complete 120 credits in total, 32 credits at NMU, and meet the general education requirements thus additional courses may be required and will be determined on an individualized basis.

**The Other Required Courses requirement will be waived for students who possess both a current unencumbered RN license from any state within the US and an Associate Degree in Nursing.

The Nursing Department accepts biology courses (anatomy, physiology and microbiology) from other colleges and universities that are at least 3 credit hours. If any course that includes a laboratory component is less than 3 credit hours, the student will take the specific course at NMU or a substitute designated by the department.

This major does not require a minor.