Completion of this major and the professional education sequence lead to secondary certification which enables the holder to teach physical education in the K-12 school setting.

Students with a major in secondary health and physical education must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or greater overall, in the major, and/or minor(s) with no grade below a "B-" in the professional education sequence and no grade below a "C" in the major and/or minor(s).

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Total Credits Required 122
General Education
HPE Major 53
HL 150 Health and Education for the Elementary School Teacher 2
HL 450 Human Sexuality: Educational Issues 3
HL 485 Drug Use and Abuse 3
HPE 110 Introduction to Health and Physical Education 3
HPE 120 Motor Learning and Development in HPE 3
HPE 250 Effective Instruction of Invasion Games 2
HPE 260 Effective Instruction of Net/Wall Games 2
HPE 270 Effective Instruction of Health-Related Activities 2
HPE 280 Effective Instruction of Striking/Fielding/Target Games 2
HPE 290 Effective Instruction of Outdoor Pursuit Activities 2
HPE 320 Secondary Health Education 3
HPE 330 Secondary Physical Education 3
HPE 350 Methods and Materials in Health and Physical Education * 4
PE 212 Anatomical and Mechanical Assessment of Human Movement 3
PE 213 Physiology of Sport and Fitness 3
PE 224 Developmental Physical Education for Elementary Teachers 2
PE 310 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education 2
PE 346 Adapted Physical Education 3
HPE Electives 6
Must complete a minimum of six credit hours of aquatics, dance, outdoor recreation leadership and management approved courses; the list includes PE 450, PE 375, HP courses, HL 111, HL 125, HL 315, HL 367/HL 369, HN 210, HN 310, HS 330 and ES 470.  
        HPE Recommended Electives:  
         PE 300 Technology in Human Performance (3 cr.)  
         PE 340 Foundations of Educational Athletics (3 cr.)  
         PE 440 Advanced Principles of Athletic Coaching (3 cr.)  

Professional Education 29
ED 201 Introduction to Education 2
ED 231 Teaching for Learning in the Secondary Classroom 4
ED 301 Dimensions of American Education 2
ED 319 Teaching of Reading for Secondary Teachers 3
ED 361 Special Education and the General Classroom Teacher 2
ED 380 Practicum in the Secondary School 2
ED 430 Teaching in the Secondary School 11
ED 450 Seminar in Teaching 1
ED 483 Educational Media Technology 2

*HPE 350 will count in the Professional Education GPA.