This program is designed to educate students looking to learn and gain more experience in performance for live theatre. This program is designed to give students a broad range of aspects in performance pedagogy, historical theatre context and stage directing skills.  The program is perfect for students who wish to work in the field.

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Theatre and Dance department page.

Total Credits Required 62
General Education 32
Human Expression (1 Course)  
Integrative Thinking (1 Course)  
Effective Communication (1-2 Courses)  
Perspectives on Society (1-2 Courses)  
Quantitative Reasoning (1 Course)  
Social Responsibility in a Diverse World (1 Course)  
Theatre Performance Required Courses 30
TH 130 The Theatre Experience [HUME] 4
TH 131 Stagecraft 2
TH 132 Acting 1 2
TH 234 Makeup Studio 2
TH 247 Performance Studio 4
TH 352 Directing Theory 4
TH 360 Theatre History 1 4
TH 432 Theatre and Entertainment Careers 1
TH 456 Entertainment Arts Management 4
TH 491 Practicum in Theatre and Entertainment Arts * (1 cr.) 2
TH 493 Field Studies 1

*Must be taken two times for credit.