The Workplace Intercultural Competency Certificate is designed for professionals who find themselves in a diverse work environment and need intercultural competency skills in order to improve advancement prospects. This Certificate provides them with a foundation in the intercultural skills and knowledge to work and thrive in diverse management environments.

A program approval must be prepared and approved by an academic advisor from the Languages, Literatures and International Studies Department and a copy forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. A degree evaluation will not be performed until approval is received.

For department information or additional degree requirements, go to the Languages, Literatures and International Studies department page.

Total Credits Required 16
Language and Culture Core 8
Choose two consecutive language courses in the same language, placement test available.*  
CHN 101 Elementary Chinese I [SOCR]; and   4
CHN 102  Elementary Chinese IIor 4
     Choose two consecutive courses (8 cr.):  
          FR 101** [SOCR], FR 102, FR 200/FR 201, FR 202 [INTT], FR 300 [EFFC], FR 400; or  
     Choose two consecutive courses (8 cr.):  
          GR 101 [SOCR], GR 102, GR 201 [SOCR], GR 202 [EFFC], GR 301 [EFFC], GR 302; or  
     Choose two consecutive courses (8 cr.):  
          RUS 101 [SOCR], RUS 102; or  
     Choose two consecutive courses (8 cr.):  
          SN 101 [SOCR], SN 102 [SOCR], SN 201 [SOCR], SN 202 [EFFC], SN 301 [EFFC], SN 302  
Communications Core 4
BC 415 Intercultural Communication [SOCR]; or 4
     MGT 344 Managerial Communication (4 cr.)  
Management Core 4
HM 305 Leadership of Hospitality Personnelor 4
     LDR 300 Leadership in Diverse Workplaces [SOCR] (4 cr.); or  
     MGT 240 Organizational Behavior and Management (4 cr.); or  
     MGT475 International Business (4 cr.)  

*Prerequisites are the previous course listed in the sequence; 101 courses do not have a prerequisite.

**A student who takes FR 101, a 3-credit course, will have the opportunity to arrange a 1-credit apprenticeship or directed study opportunity that will focus on that student’s particular interests. This will be arranged with the Head of the Department of Languages, Literatures and International Studies.