Child Welfare Workshop Training Series

The trainings offered are primarily designed for social workers and other professionals who interact with diverse populations having specific needs. These trainings cover a wide range of topics including child protection, foster care/adoption, domestic violence, mental health concerns, addiction, disabilities, and other challenges faced by individuals in their daily lives. The main objective of the workshops is to enhance participants' understanding of the common issues faced by workers in these areas, such as secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout, and working with a diverse population.

Furthermore, the training sessions will provide participants with the opportunity to explore the latest research in these fields and practice various self-care techniques that can contribute to their overall well-being.

Additionally, the webinar aims to create a safe environment where participants can address relationship issues they encounter in their professional settings, including relationships with supervisors, colleagues, clients, and their families. The key focus is on developing trusting and respectful relationships, which are essential for fostering a positive workplace environment. The hope is that participants will acquire effective tools and strategies that they can apply both in their personal and professional lives to cultivate positive relationships.

Upcoming Workshop Series

Secondary Trauma Mitigation: Witnessing Trauma in the Workplace

By Caroline Cheng, PhD, MSW

When: 10:00 am - 1:15 pm September 1, 2023,

Where: This is an online training via zoom.

Cost: Free for students and $45 for others non MDHHS folks