Northern Michigan University’s SAT® Preparation programs offer serious preparation for these high-stakes undergraduate admissions tests. 

SAT Prep Formats include:

SAT Blitz: Offered during the academic year and are strategically scheduled for the weeks leading up the most popular SAT test dates. Classes are scheduled to allow time to practice new skills between sessions. This session offers 16-hours of instruction.

SAT Spring Break Institutes & SAT Summer Institutes: These sessions offer 20-hours each of instruction in a condensed four-day format, convenient for students looking to develop essential test-taking tools over spring break or during the summer when there is more time for practice.

SAT Live-Online Summer Institutes: There are 20-hours of expert instruction with the convenience of attending class from anywhere and a variety of summer schedules to fit your life. Our virtual classroom provides you with the opportunity to interact in real-time with our expert instructors and to re-watch the recordings of your class sessions at your convenience for up to 120 days after the course ends.

SAT Live-Online Ultimate: This is a 40-hour program. The extended format allows time for content review and practice of test-taking strategies. Three proctored practice tests allow you to get a feel for the test, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and receive feedback on questions you find challenging. 

SAT Prep Classes Offer:

Expert Instructors: Our test-preparation instructors are highly trained professionals. Our experienced instructors know the SAT and care about helping you achieve your goal.

Proven Strategies: NMU’s curriculum was developed by test-prep experts, who have years of experience writing exam questions and preparing students for success.

Superior Materials: The SAT Prep Course includes the official preparation guide including practice tests from The College Board and a course workbook.

Online Support: Our online support package for live-online SAT classes includes access to recordings of all class modules, an instructor-monitored question forum, and online office hours. Access to online resources continues for 120 days after your last day of class, so you will still have support for your independent practice after class is over.

Convenient Schedule Options: Live-online classes provide alternative schedules and the added benefit of taking the class from anywhere in the world.

Value: The course fee includes all course materials, access to online resources, and instruction from a trained professional who cares about your success.

Let NMU’s SAT test preparation program help you prepare for this important test! SAT Blitz classes, offered during the academic year, are strategically scheduled for the weeks leading up to the most popular SAT test dates. Classes are scheduled to allow time to practice new skills between sessions. Our multi-week course format allows abundant opportunities for learning and for interacting with our expert instructors.

Classes include 16 hours of instruction, the official preparation guide including practice tests from The College Board, a course workbook, and access to our online resources—class recordings, pre-recorded class modules, an instructor-monitored question forum, and online office hours. The SAT Blitz classes are offered on campus and live-online.

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SAT Prep Class Schedule

CourseProgram StartProgram EndDaysStart TimeEnd TimeCost
SAT Strategy Workshop*1/31/20241/31/2024Wednesday9:00 PM ET10:00 PM ETFree
SAT Strategy Workshop*2/28/20242/28/2024Wednesday9:00 PM ET10:00 PM ETFree
SAT Strategy Workshop*3/20/20243/20/2024Wednesday9:00 PM ET10:00 PM ETFree
SAT Live-Online Prep4/7/20244/28/2024Sunday1:00 PM ET5:00 PM ET$399
SAT Live-Online Prep4/8/20245/1/2024Monday; Wednesday7:00 PM ET9:00 PM ET$399
SAT Strategy Workshop*4/17/20244/17/2024Wednesday9:00 PM ET10:00 PM ETFree
SAT Live-Online Prep5/2/20245/28/2024Tuesday; Thursday7:00 PM ET9:00 PM ET$399
SAT Strategy Workshop*5/22/20245/22/2024Wednesday9:00 PM ET10:00 PM ETFree
SAT Live-Online Prep6/4/20247/23/2024Tuesday1:00 PM ET3:00 PM ET$399
SAT Live-Online Prep6/24/20246/27/2024Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday 1:00 PM ET5:00 PM ET$399
SAT Strategy Workshop*6/26/20246/26/2024Wednesday9:00 PM ET10:00 PM ETFree
SAT Live-Online Prep7/15/20247/25/2024Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday3:00 PM ET5:00 PM ET$399
SAT Live-Online Prep7/29/20248/8/2024Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday10:00 AM ET12:00 PM ET$399
SAT Strategy Workshop*8/28/20248/28/2024Wednesday9:00 PM ET10:00 PM ETFree

All classes are online at this time.

*Live-Online Strategy Workshop: We have a number of online strategy workshops available free to students. The content is the same as that presented in our campus-based strategy workshops. All live-online introductory strategy workshops are held in the Adobe Connect classrooms listed below. Please note that these classrooms are only accessible during scheduled live-online workshop sessions. See the above schedule for dates and times.

Live SAT Intro Workshop:

Pre-Recorded Workshops: In addition to our live-online workshops and to provide additional options to the increased numbers of students participating from home and in an online format, we have now published pre-recorded versions of our strategy workshops to our website. Closed captions are available for these videos, and they can be accessed at any time.

Pre-Recorded SAT Strategy Workshop:

Why Should You Take the SAT Prep Class?

Our SAT preparation curriculum is a program developed by experts. You’ll receive 16-20 hours of targeted instruction to help you fully prepare for the SAT. In addition, you’ll receive online support and SAT practice tests within the included course materials. This allows you to practice the skills and strategies you are learning in class on real test questions. In the SAT Prep course, you’ll master strategies to improve your SAT score with the help of experienced SAT instructors who care about your success.

System Requirements:

The live-online SAT sessions are offered online using a free Adobe Connect browser plug-in. The only requirements are high-speed internet access and speakers or headphones.

Course materials will be delivered directly to your home, or arrangements can be made for you to pick them up at our Continuing Education Office. We recommend registering at least four (4) business days in advance of the class start date to ensure timely delivery of your student package.

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The SAT Prep includes:

  • 16-40 hours of expert classroom instruction and proctored practice tests
  • Experienced, dedicated expert instructors
  • Official preparation guide including practice tests from The College Board
  • Thorough presentations and explanations
  • Easy-to-follow study plan
  • Access to online support resources

The SAT Prep covers:

Test Taking Strategies:

  • Introduction to the SAT
  • Question formats
  • Time management
  • Process of elimination
  • Informed guessing

Quantitative Subjects:

  • Solution strategies
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Exponents
  • Fractions, percentages, and averages
  • Rates, ratios, and proportions
  • Polynomials
  • Analytic and coordinate geometry
  • Euclidian geometry and trigonometry
  • Word problems

Verbal Subjects:

  • Punctuation and grammar
  • Writing structure and organization
  • Critical reading
  • Reading comprehension
  • Graphical interpretation

About Our Program:

NMU’s Test Prep program is partnered with Educational Testing Consultants, a leader in higher education test preparation. Each year, Educational Testing Consultants helps thousands of students prepare for the important pre-college standardized tests at major colleges and universities across the United States. Educational Testing Consultants provides a proven program with a record of success and highly trained, top-quality instructors.

Request a Custom SAT Prep Course or Presentation

Northern Michigan University Test Prep also offers customized SAT Prep programs for schools, nonprofit organizations, and community groups. If you are a high school principal, guidance counselor, admissions department, or community leader and would like details about our custom programs or would like to request a presentation, please call our professional staff at (906) 227-2103 or email us at