The Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development is providing a series of workplace seminars. This training is crucial to a healthy work environment and will assist in making your organization or department overall a better place to work.

While these courses are listed under Supervisor Training, anyone could attend these courses in an effort to gain a better understanding of their workplace.

HR Laws & Regulations: (4 hours)

Learn how to stay in compliance and out of hot water as you supervise.  This interactive session will leave you with the understanding of important laws and how to recognize and prevent illegal discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Four Generations in the workplace: (4 hours)

In this fun, interactive session you will learn to identify the four generations that are in our workforce and how to effectively combine and manage the employee mix.

Recruitment and Selection: (4 hours)

Have you ever interviewed candidates but at the end of the day have trouble assessing which is the best one?  Is there something you feel you may have missed?  In this session, you will walk away with tools to reinvent your recruitment strategy and to identify the skill sets you need to fill your missing link.

New Employee Onboarding (4 hours)

You have successfully recruited, interviewed, and selected an excellent addition to your staff.  Though some companies provide an orientation session where the employee learns about benefits, vacation, pay, etc., some do not.  At any rate, you have a vested interest in your new hire and want them to perform as they say they can.  Have you ever asked yourself, “What did I miss?” as new hires aren’t working out as you expected?  This interactive 4 hour seminar will give you the tools that you can put in your Supervisor Toolbox on how to welcome your new hire and help them become productive.  You will leave this seminar knowing how to quickly implement an on-boarding program and ensure your new hire’s expectations are met as they enter your workplace.

Performance Management: (4 hours)

The performance evaluation is the last step in this session where you will walk away with a performance management program that you can go back to the workforce and implement right away.  Don’t wait another minute to get your team onboard with your goals.

Supervisor Training I: (8 hours) For both new and seasoned supervisors.

The purpose of this one-day seminar is to educate supervisors on various employment and labor laws that come into play with every decision they make.  At the conclusion of this seminar, supervisors will know important laws and how to avoid breaking them, prevent harassment and bullying, and be able to improve communication gaps between the four generations in the workplace today. Morale will be increased as supervisors consistently deal with inappropriate behavior and take corrective action while warding off potential lawsuits. This seminar will be engaging and will bring the attendee to a whole new management level.  If you are new to the supervisory level or a seasoned professional, there is something that will be learned from this day’s event and be applied tomorrow in the workplace.

Building Teams & Encouraging Teamwork: (4 hours)

In this session, you will walk away with, looking at your current team and identifying the gaps, and how to move forward on building your “Dream Team”.  You’ll also be able to practice resolving team conflict so you can get to back to business of reaching your team goals.

Time Management: (4 hours)

As you honestly assess your day in this session (what is said in this session – stays in this session!) you will be able to identify the time “stealers” in your day.  You will identify these “stealers” and turn them into opportunities!  Leave each workday more productive than the last all while empowering your high potentials to assist in this transformation.  Learn to delegate without micromanaging, maximize available resources, and set objectives for yourself and the team.

Supervisor Training II: (8 hours)

The goal of this one-day workshop is to know and practice the leading edge techniques in hiring practices, onboarding, and inspiring teams to get results.  Supervisors will learn how to assess the best candidate for the job, ensure orientation and training are effective to cultivate the path to success!

Effective communications with employee: (4 hours)

In this session, you will learn how to encourage good behavior and stifle the bad behavior.  You will walk away with the tools necessary to have those awkward, difficult conversations while not jeopardizing relationships and most importantly, setting the expectations on what you will or will not tolerate as a supervisor.

Harassment/Sensitivity Awareness:  (4 hours)

Did you know that almost all of the harassment claims filed could have been prevented if the organization did proper training?  In this session, you will learn about illegal harassment vs. inappropriate behavior and how to address any occurrences, and to prevent them from happening again.