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Program Overview

Are you looking to differentiate yourself when applying for a crowded position? Are you interested in becoming an expert in your field by using geospatial software and skills to analyze and visualize geographic relationships in order to solve problems and make decisions? Then, consider our GIS Certificate program where you will gain the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to enter the rapidly expanding field of geographic information science.

Students pursuing the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate program develop technical skills and specialized training to meet current or future job requirements calling for GIS knowledge. Students will use geographical data and industry-standard computer technology to assemble, manipulate, analyze, and visualize geographic data for use in problem-solving and decision making. In the process, students develop their knowledge of cartography, remote sensing, computer science, and Global Positioning System (GPS), spatial data management, analysis, and visualization.

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Certificate Requirements

Choose two courses from the following:

Student flying drone at Seeds and Spores Farm

Our program is rooted in a hands-on approach where students learn how to use specific software and then apply their skills to a variety of projects. Optional paid and unpaid internships can be completed toward this program. Learn through lab-based exercises, individual projects, and community-focused, collaborative GIS projects.

Where Have Our Students Interned?

The following is a partial listing of organizations and businesses where our have interned.


Students programming drone for flight over Presque Isle Mitigation Wetlands


instructions for adding certificate - students collaborating

Instructions for Adding the Certificate

  1. Send an e-mail to stating that you would like to add a second degree to your record and copy your advisor and on this request so that the EEGS Department can support you in pursuit of a dual degree.  In the e-mail, include
    • your name;
    • NMU IN;
    • current major/degree;
    • the second degree/major you would like to declare (i.e., the GIS certificate), and;
    • your anticipated graduation date.  Note that the certificate should not be added through ACAC or the ACAC website or you will be dropped from your major. 
  2. Once you email the staff in Degree Audits stating your interest in finishing two degrees, they will run a degree evaluation on the certificate (and/or Associate’s degree) to determine if you are eligible for both and will contact you via NMU e-mail regarding the outcome of the dual degree request.
  3. Note that you are not able to add yourself to the ‘multiple degree’ section for graduation.  Instead, you will need to register for CA000 - Graduation-Undergraduate-Ceremony or Graduation-Undergraduate-No Ceremony (found under the category of Graduation with the course designation CA000).  If you are eligible for multiple degrees, the Registrar's Office will add you to the course designated as CA000M – Graduation/Multiple Degrees the semester that you register for Graduation.