Began teaching at NMU in 2022.

About Dr. Adebiyi

Dr. Jelili Adebiyi is trained as an agri-food system scholar-practitioner with a multidisciplinary background in sustainability, environmental science policy, Ecological Foods and Farming Systems (EFFS), Gender, Justice, and Environment (GJEC), and international development. He is interested in cross-cutting analytical and methodological tools that can be used to disentangle and address the institutional, gender, social, racial, and environmental justice issues that are interlocked in agri-food systems and development.

Areas of Specialization

Community sustainability, sustainable food systems, international development, environmental management, innovation systems and systems thinking, adoption decision-making.

Previous Appointments
  • Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
  • Research Associate, Michigan State University
  • Adjunct Professor of Sustainability and Policy, Nungu Business School
  • Associate Director, Leaders of Africa Institute
  • Forest Health and Bio-forest Products Outreach Scholar, Michigan State University

  • PhD, Michigan State University
  • Master of Community and Regional Planning, Iowa State University
  • MS, Iowa State University
  • Master of Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • BS, University of Lagos

Courses Taught

Select Publications

Olabisi, L. S., Osuntade, B. Liverpool, L. S. O., and Adebiyi, J. A. (2021). Participatory Modeling of Climate Adaptation Strategies in Poultry Production. Climate Policy, 1-12.

Adebiyi, J. A., Olabisi L. S., Liu, L., and Jordan, D. (2020). Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus and Technology Productivity: A Nigerian Case Study of Organic Leafy Vegetable Production. Environmental, Development and Sustainability, 1-20.

Adebiyi, J. A., Olabisi L. S., Richardson, R., Liverpool-Tasie, L. S. O., and Delate, K. (2020). Drivers and Constraints to the Adoption of Organic Leafy Vegetable Production in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria: A Livelihoods Approach. Sustainability, 12(1), 96.

Grabowski, P., Olabisi, L. S., Adebiyi, J., Waldman, K., Richardson, R., Rusinamhodzi, L., & Snapp, S. (2019). Assessing Adoption Potential in a Risky Environment: The Case of Perennial Pigeon Pea. Agricultural Systems, 171, 89-99.

Zhang, Wei, Jessica Paula Rose Thorn, John Gowdy, Andrea Bassi, Monica Santamaria, Fabrice DeClerck, Adebiyi, J.A. et al. (2018). Systems Thinking: An Approach for Understanding ‘Eco-Agri-Food Systems. In TEEB AgriFood ‘Scientific and Economic Foundations.

Olabisi, L. S., Adebiyi, J., Traoré, P. S., and Kakwera, M. N. (2016). Do Participatory Scenario Exercises Promote Systems Thinking and Build Consensus? Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 4(1), 000113.

Adebiyi, J. A., Olabisi, L. S., and Snapp, S. (2015). Understanding Perennial Wheat Adoption as a Transformative Technology: Evidence from the Literature and Farmers. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 1-10.


Dr. Jelili Adebiyi

Jelili Adebiyi

Assistant Professor

Office Location:
3003 Weston Hall