Began advising for EEGS in Fall 2023

About Jose'

Jose' Garcia is a Senior Success Advisor for the Physical and Natural Sciences. Many of his advisees are EEGS majors, and his new office is close to EEGS classrooms and study spaces. Jose' has worked at NMU in multiple capacities, including working as an Academic Advisor, a Residence Hall Director, and an Admissions Counselor. Each position focused on supporting students.

After graduating with a Bachelor's degree, Jose' came to NMU to work as a Residence Hall Director. He thought he would do that for a couple of years and move on. This turned into five years before moving over to the Admissions Office. At that point, Jose' realized that working in Higher Ed was where he wanted to remain.

Jose' says that the most interesting part of being an advisor is trying to prepare for the unexpected. He most enjoys seeing students around campus or in town as they get close to graduation, and getting their updates post-graduation.

Outside of work, Jose' enjoys exploring the UP, taking pictures, and going to NMU sporting events with his children. He also enjoys volunteering in the community.


jose' garcia

Jose' Garcia

Senior Success Advisor
Physical and Natural Sciences Cluster

Office Location:
3701 The Science Building (TSB)

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