Began teaching at NMU in 2015

Curriculum Vitae

ORC-ID: 0000-0001-5561-3021

Areas of Specialization

Earth Systems Science, Soil Biogeochemistry, Wetlands, Applied Agronomy, Ecohydrology, Natural Resource Management

Additional Appointments
  • Adjunct Professor, College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, Michigan Technological University, 2016 – Present, 

  • B.S., Northern Michigan University
  • M.S., Michigan Technological University
  • Ph.D., Michigan Technological University

Courses Taught

Research Interests
  • Soils
  • Wetlands
  • Hydrology
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Applied Agronomy
  • Forest Resources
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Data Science

About Dr. Van Grinsven

I am an Earth systems scientist who has previously investigated soil biogeochemistry, water quality, water resources, ecosystem ecology, carbon cycling, wetlands, sustainable agriculture practices, and forest resource management in the Great Lakes and Colorado Plateau regions of the U.S.  Ultimately, my passion for Earth systems science drives me to access both remote and developed areas for the purpose of sustainably managing natural resources, conserving unique habitats, or remediating degraded sites. 

My research regularly incorporates a variety of data collection strategies including automated samplers, data-loggers, natural tracers, and field-portable analyzers to examine abiotic-biotic interactions. Moreover, my research often includes use of laboratory analytical instrumentation such as gas chromatography, fluorescence spectroscopy, or inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry to examine biogeochemical processes.  As a data scientist, I am also proficient with handling and visualizing complex data and performing advanced computational procedures such as numerical modeling, chemical modeling and statistical analyses in R.

Select Publications
  • Shannon, J.P., R.K. Kolka, M.J. Van Grinsven, and F. Liu. 2022. Joint Impacts of Future Climate Conditions and Invasive Species on Black Ash Forested Wetlands. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change. 5:957525. 22 p.
  • Shannon, J.P., F. Liu, M.J. Van Grinsven, R.K. Kolka, and T.G. Pypker. 2021. Magnitude, Consequences, and Correction of Temperature-Derived Errors for Absolute Pressure Transducers under Common Monitoring Scenarios. Hydrological Processes, 36(1), e14457.
  • Davis, J.C., J.P. Shannon, M.J. Van Grinsven, N.W. Bolton, J.W. Wagenbrenner, R.K. Kolka, and T.G. Pypker.  2019.  Nitrogen cycling responses to simulated emerald ash borer infestation in Fraxinus nigra-dominated wetlands. Biogeochemistry 145, 275-294.
  • Van Grinsven, M.J., J.P. Shannon, N.W. Bolton, J.C. Davis, J.W. Wagenbrenner R.K. Kolka, and T.G. Pypker. 2018. Response of Black Ash Wetland Gaseous Soil Carbon Fluxes to a Simulated Emerald Ash Borer Disturbance. Forests 9(6), 324.
  • Shannon, J.P., M.J. Van Grinsven, J.C. Davis, N.W. Bolton, N.J. Noh, J.W. Wagenbrenner, T.G. Pypker, and R.K. Kolka. 2018. Water level controls on sap flux of canopy species in Fraxinus nigra wetlands. Forests 9(3), 147.
  • Bolton, N.W., J.P. Shannon, J.C. Davis, M.J. Van Grinsven, N.J. Noh, S. Schooler, R.K. Kolka, T.G. Pypker, and J.W. Wagenbrenner. 2018.  Methods to Improve Survival and Growth of Planted Alternative Species Seedlings in Black Ash Ecosystems Threatened by Emerald Ash Borer. Forests 9(3), 146.
  • Weissinger, R., D. Witwicki, H. Thomas, A. Wight, K. Lund, M. Van Grinsven. Riparian Monitoring of Wadeable Streams Protocol for the Park Units in the Northern Colorado Plateau Network: V 1.05.  2018.  U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program. NPS/NCPN/NRR—2018/1636
  • Van Grinsven, M.J., J.P. Shannon, J.C. Davis, N.W. Bolton, J.W. Wagenbrenner, R.K. Kolka, T.G. Pypker 2017. Source water contributions and hydrologic responses to simulated emerald ash borer infestations in depressional black ash wetlands. Ecohydrology.
  • Van Grinsven, M.J., A.S. Mayer, and C.J. Huckins. 2011. Estimation of streambed groundwater fluxes associated with coaster brook trout spawning habitat. Ground Water.


dr matthew van grinsven

Matthew Van Grinsven

Associate Professor

Director of the Applied Biogeosciences Lab

Office Location:
3612 The Science Building