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Purchase of Supplies, Materials, and Services/Travel and Entertainment Expenses (to $2500)

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Purchase of Supplies, Materials, and Services/Travel and Entertainment Expenses (to $2500)

Date Approved:2-25-2020
Last Revision:2-25-2020
Last Reviewed:2-25-2020
Approved By:President
Attached form file: PurchasingCardContract.pdf
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This policy governs only purchases less than or equal to $2500; purchases above this limit are governed by the Standard Purchasing Policy. The scope includes but is not limited to the purchase of supplies, materials, and certain services as well as travel expenses, business meetings, and business entertainment expenses.


All persons purchasing goods or services as well as travelling or entertaining on behalf of the University.


Northern Michigan University expects ordinary and necessary business expenses. These will be paid by the University when they are properly authorized and documented.

The Controller’s Office, in conjunction with the Purchasing Department, will ensure that expenses remain proper, supported, and controlled. The Controller will provide the rules (guidelines) and work steps (procedures) to instruct the University regarding purchases totaling up to and including $2500. These will include:

  • The levels of approval necessary to pay or reimburse expenses;
  • The rules for allowed expenses;
  • The requirements for documentation;
  • The responsibilities associated with use of a purchasing card; and
  • The repercussions for failure to properly purchase, settle, or document expenses.