How We Can Assist

Northern Michigan University's Risk and Insurance Management Department can assist with the following information and services:


Property and Liability Insurance

Risk Management can advise on questions or issues related to NMU’s property and liability insurance.

Certificates of Insurance

When a University entity rents or uses an outside facility, if required Risk Management can provide a certificate of insurance.

International Travel

Risk management can advise on insurance coverage for faculty, staff and students traveling on university business outside of the United States.

Motor Vehicle

Risk Management can advise on insurance coverage for university owned or long term leased vehicles and personal vehicles used for university business.

Incidents and Claims

Risk Management should be contacted regarding accidents and injuries, claims for loss of damage to NMU property, and liability insurance claims and lawsuits.


Personal and Limited Service Contracts

An independent contractor can be hired if the services you are considering are not provided on campus.

Internship or Practicum Affiliation Agreements

Internship or Practicums that count as university credits need to be approved.

Facility Use Agreements

Facilities Use Agreements should be established when an external party or group uses a university facility.

Contract Review to Address Insurance Issues

Risk Management can review contracts to assess insurance issues.

Fixed Assets

General Fixed Asset Information

Risk Management can advise on fixed assets, including ownership, insurance, and loss control.

Vehicle License Plates

Municipal license plates for university owned vehicle are obtained from Risk Management.

Resources for Staff and Faculty

Class Participation Waiver of Liability Form

Instructors can ask students in their program or class to sign an Assumption of Risk waiver to help manage risk.

Questions about the NMU COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

For questions on NMU's COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, contact Jill Compton or Lee Gould, co-chairs of the Safety/Risk Management Workgroup of the NMU COVID-19 Logistics Committee.

Jill Compton

Lee Gould

Announcement - Anti-phishing email confirmation:

During the week of November 7, 2022, the Risk Management Department launched the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Safeguard Rule Campus-wide Risk Assessment Survey.  The survey can be completed from this link.  Questions about the survey can be relayed to Jill Compton (x2375) or Candace Ruusi (x1241). Or email 


Contact Information

Jill Compton

Andy Zerbel