Certificates of Insurance

Requests for Certificates of Insurance

Occasionally the university will be required to provide evidence of insurance coverage to an outside entity or company. This may happen when we rent facilities or vehicles, place students in internship or practicum courses off campus, or engage in contractual relationships for a variety of other reasons. The Risk and Insurance Manager will arrange for these certificates.

To request a certificate you will need to provide the Risk and Insurance Manager with: 

  1. The reason the certificate is required.
  2. A copy of the contract or agreement requiring the certificate.
  3. Name and complete mailing address of the entity or company requiring the certificate.
  4. The type and limits of insurance required.
  5. The dates for which the insurance is required.
  6. The name and phone number of the university department and individual requesting the certificate.


If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Zerbel, Risk and Insurance Manager, azerbel@nmu.edu, 906-227-2745