Motor Vehicle Insurance

The university maintains a combination insurance/self-insurance program providing coverage for university owned and long term lease vehicles. This includes coverage for vehicle physical damage and vehicle liability.

Insurance coverage for vehicles include:

Personally Owned Vehicles used on University Business

The university’s insurance program provides liability insurance protection for personally owned vehicles used while conducting university business. These vehicles must have liability insurance in accordance with State law and the university’s insurance is secondary to this insurance. The university provides no vehicle physical damage insurance for personally owned vehicles.

Rental Car Vehicles

The university’s insurance program provides insurance protection for rental car vehicles rented for university business, however, this coverage varies from state to state and also depends on the language of the rental car agreement.

All terms and conditions of the rental car agreement should be read and followed. Violations of the agreement may leave the University or renter responsible for additional damages or expense. 

Most rental car companies hold the renter responsible for all damages to the vehicle, regardless of fault. They usually offer a collision damage waiver for an additional daily fee. This is usually very expensive and should be declined. Coverage for damage to rental vehicles while being used to conduct University business is provided by the University. In addition, you may also have coverage for this damage provided by your personal automobile insurance. Check with your insurance agent.

The rental car company may also offer insurance providing accident/medical and death benefits or coverage for property in the vehicle. The university already provides accident/medical and death benefits for university employees. If you want additional coverage and accept this insurance, it is at your expense. University owned property is covered under the university’s property insurance program. If you want to cover your personal property, it is at your expenses.


Loss or Damage Involving University Owned, Leased or Rented Vehicles 

Accidents involving university vehicles are to be immediately reported to the nearest police agency in accordance with State law.

For accidents involving university owned or leased vehicles, the driver of the vehicle must complete a Northern Michigan University Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form and forward it to the Risk and Insurance Manager. These forms are available from the Risk and Insurance Management Office.

For accidents involving rental car company vehicles, the driver must complete accidents forms and documents as required by the rental car company and provide copies to the Risk and Insurance Manager as soon as possible. Inform the rental car company that the Risk and Insurance Manager is the university contact for any claim resulting from the accident.

The Risk and Insurance Manager will arrange for processing claims in accordance with the university’s Vehicle Insurance Program.

Certificates of Insurance

Occasionally when a vehicle is rented by the university, the outside rental entity or company requires evidence of insurance coverage. Procedures to obtaining a certificate of insurance can be found on the Certificates of Insurance page.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Zerbel, Manager,, 906-227-2745