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The Huron Mountain Club is a private club on a contiguous tract of woodland located within the Huron Mountains region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 30 miles northwest of the city of Marquette. The Club lands include unpaved roads to access a network of interior lakes and streams as well as trails to other points of interest. The Club provides its members and its employees the opportunity for various forms of healthful recreation including hiking, fishing, and hunting. Founded in 1889, the Club is sustained by the lasting ties of family, friendship, and the love of nature.” We are hiring for the following positions - Storeroom Coordinator, Dishwasher/Utility, Prep Cooks, Server, & Pantry Worker.

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Monday, Mar 20, 2023

Start Time:  11:00 am
End Time:  2:00 pm

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Jamrich 1100 Lobby

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Career Services

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