Frequently Asked Questions

Paper for your office copier or printer is ordered through NMU Printing Services. Please utilize the online ordering system to order paper for your office copier or printer, send an e-mail at or call 227-2454.

Surplus items are being placed on the Public Surplus internal posting area for university departments to claim prior to being offered to the general public. Items are listed for 14 days on the internal site and can be claimed by any department for NMU use only. Items listed will be available on a first-come basis at no cost to the department. After 14 days, the item converts to the public auction forum where the general public can bid on it.

Departments in need of items should go to or contact the Mail and Warehouse Services department at 227-2749 to check on availability. If you need instructions to access the Public Surplus internal site, email Dan Lynch in the Purchasing Department at address


Please utilize the work order system.

Generally, the warehouse staff collects the inbound mail from the Marquette Branch Post Office after 9:30 am, Monday through Friday, during the normal university operating schedule, and brings it back to the warehouse for sorting and separation. Warehouse staff will make several route runs on campus each day for delivery and pick-up and attempt to maintain a consistent route each day. In most cases, USPS mail that arrives in Marquette and is collected in the morning is delivered the same day to your department.

Small package carriers such as UPS and FedEx deliver directly to the warehouse on a daily basis Monday through Friday, during the normal university operating schedule. Our standard guideline is: packages that arrive in the morning are usually delivered that afternoon and packages that arrive in the afternoon are usually delivered the next business day morning. Exceptions to this are overnight packages, refrigerated or frozen packages, etc. If you are expecting a package that requires special handling, please contact a warehouse supervisor and provide them with the tracking number for your package and instructions.

The Mail & Warehouse Services Department can assist with some of your recycling needs. Please utilize the work order system for scheduling a pickup of spent toner / ink cartridges and e-waste items such as old monitors or CPU’s, etc.

Generally, spent light bulbs should be collected by your building custodial attendant(s) as they have the ability to store them safely and they will make the arrangements for large quantities to be transferred to the Mail & Warehouse Services location for proper recycling. Spent batteries for recycling can be placed in any of the numerous battery recycling tubes placed around the NMU campus. They are normally located near the main entrance(s) of campus buildings. The battery recycling tubes are emptied periodically by the Mail & Warehouse Services staff and brought back to the warehouse for proper storage and approved recycling.

Our Staff

Dan Lynch

Senior Buyer, Purchasing Department 227-1172

Eric Marcott

Operations Specialist 227-2743

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Operations Specialist 227-2776

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University Business Hours

University business hours are 8 a.m.–5 p.m. during the fall and winter semesters (late August through early May) and 7:30 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday during the summer (early May through late August). NMU is located in the Eastern time zone.

Campus Location

2073 Sugarloaf Avenue (see campus map)