About Us

The Northern Climate Network is a campus and community organization dedicated to providing opportunities to discuss and learn about climate change in our region. The Northern Climate Network is sponsored by Marquette’s Climate Adaptation Task Force, which is a collaborative effort led by Marquette County, the Superior Watershed Partnership and Northern Michigan University.

Our Mission

  1. Share current climate change research relevant to our region from a range of disciplinary perspectives.
  2. Build an interactive database of people interested in working on and teaching about climate change in our community.

Our Interests

  • Climate science and models
  • Policy and legislation
  • Agriculture and food systems
  • Sustainability
  • Community action
  • Adaptation planning
  • Renewable energy
  • Transportation
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Water and lake dynamics
  • Resilience
Climate March 2018

The Northern Climate Network launched in August 2015 and represents more than 150 members from more than 30 academic disciplines and career fields.

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