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Northern Climate Network

The Northern Climate Network (NCN) is a campus-wide consortium providing opportunities for faculty, staff, students and community members to discuss and learn about climate change in our region.


  1. Share current research on climate change from a wide range of disciplines - from the arts and social to biology and atmospheric science to engineering and public policy.
  2. Build an interactive database of people interested in working on and teaching about climate change at NMU.

Climate Adaptation Task Force

The Climate Adaptation Task Force (CATF) was formed to help prepare local leaders and Marquette County stakeholders to think proactively about the effects of climate change and to develop strategies that will make the Upper Peninsula more resilient and effective when dealing with the consequences of climate change. More specifically, CATF provides a conduit through which to disseminate information about ways to deal with the local impacts of climate change, a forum where leaders of local units of government and members of the general public can come together to consider cooperative responses to common problems and seek funding for climate adaptation projects and a network of  contacts with state and federal agencies that can offer local communities technical advice, research tools and access to potential sources of funding.

Superior Watershed Partnership

The Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) plans, promotes, and implements climate adaptation projects across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on a watershed basis. The Great Lakes Conservation Corps (GLCC) crews regularly lead coastal resiliency projects such as restoring coastal wetland, dune, and beach grass ecosystems. SWP’s partnerships with volunteers, tribes, and governments of all sizes helps them promote a sustainable community and improve quality of life. Visit our website for summer job opportunities.

In addition to the GLCC, SWP has two other programs to improve the Upper Peninsula’s climate resiliency. The Energy Conservation Corps (ECC) performs low-income home energy efficiency assessments and installs solar panels for families to reduce their bills and carbon footprint. The Climate Conservation Corps (CCC) is dedicated to projects that help coastal communities adapt to climate change and increase community resilience to more extreme weather events. Follow SWP on social media for volunteer opportunities and project updates.

Citizens Climate Lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. The Marquette chapter meets monthly.  For information on how to become involved please email

Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality chapters bring together Americans of all backgrounds and walks of life to push for practical clean energy solutions in their communities and fight the fossil fuel agenda on the national stage. Chapters give members the opportunity to draw on Climate Reality’s support and expertise, while creating and executing their own plans for climate action at the local level.