US Climate Change Resilience Toolkit

The U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit provides scientific tools, information, and expertise to help people manage their climate-related risks and opportunities, and improve their resilience to extreme events. The site is designed to serve interested citizens, communities, businesses, resource managers, planners, and policy leaders.

EPA Climate Change Adaptation Resourse Center

EPA staff have developed tool(s) to help communities anticipate, plan for, and adapt to the changing climate.

  • Air Quality
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management & Emergency Response
  • Public Health
  • Adaptation Planning

SWP Great Lakes Shoreviewers

Here you can access three different Shoreviewer programs, each containing different sets of aerial photography.

In locations where aerial photography from different years overlap, you can compare the photos to aid in identifying and tracking changes to the shoreline.

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange

The CAKE site aims to build a shared knowledge base for managing natural and built systems in the face of rapid climate change. Just as importantly, it provides tremendous informational resources intended to help build an innovative community of practice.

The Center for Research on Environmental Decisions

The CRED has produced an excellent guide for communicating about climate change. It contains a wealth of information on the subject, including psychological information useful for motivating people to care about climate change.

The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

The Yale Project site features many resources including peer-reviewed articles, research papers, videos and webinars. These focus on issues of communication and the goal of changing the public perception of climate change.

The Climate Access “Tips and Tools” page

The Climate Access “Tips and Tools” page features a variety of great recommendations from experts on climate change communication. These recommendations are also highly accessible as they are provided in the form of easy-to-use tip sheets.

The Heat is Online

Website currated by science journalist, Ross Gelbspan with regular news, science and solution related resources and updates.