Northern Magazine Masthead


Editorial Team


Rebecca Tavernini ’11 MA, Publications Director


Kristi Evans, News Director

Kerry Hytinen ’98 BS, ’18 MA, Executive Secretary

Noah Hughes, Athletics Communications Manager

Michael Murray '98 BS, '10 MA

Hannah Smith, student writer

Jill Vermeulen ‘18 BS, student writer

Executive Editors

Derek Hall, Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Canale, CEO, NMU Foundation

Jane Surrell ’85 BS, Director of Development

David Nyberg, Executive Director of Business Engagement and Economic Development

Jessica Jones, Director of Donor Engagement

Robyn Stille ’00 BS, ’14 MPA, Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Kylie Bunting ’11 BS, Digital Engagement Architect

Design Team

Publication Designers

Michael Forester ’09 BFA, Creative Director

Tom O’Connell ’00 BFA, Senior Graphic Designer

Cameron Hadley ’82 BFA, Graphic Designer, Print Manager

Lead Photography

Ryan Stephens ’15 BS

Student Photographers & Designers

Emilee Covers

Fischer Genau

Josie Hodges

Support team

NMU Board of Trustees

Tami M. Seavoy


Marquette, Mich.

Stephen E. Young

Vice Chair

Lansing, Mich.

Lisa I. Fittante ’81 BS

Kingsford, Mich.

Alexis M. Hart

Royal Oak, Mich.

Robert E. Mahaney

Marquette, Mich.

Jason T. Morgan

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Donna L. Murray-Brown

Detroit, Mich.

Gregory J. Seppanen

Marquette, Mich.

NMU is an equal opportunity institution.