Spring Cover 2022

The Workers of Well-Being

Fall 2022

Alumni who play their part in professional sports,

The WIldcat Way

The Wildcat Way

Fall 2021

Alumni who play their part in professional sports,

Northern Magazine Summer 2021 Cover

The Future is Now

Summer 2021

Alumni on the edge of innovation.

Where Do We Go From Here Issue Cover

Where Do We Go From Here?

Fall 2020

Climbing toward health and human equity in an altered world.

A Year to Remember Issue Cover

A Year to Remember

Spring 2020

Our students persevered and in this issue we honor them.

Searching for Siras Issue Cover

Searching for Shiras

Winter 2019

A professor's quest to shine light on a wildlife pioneer. 

The Milestone Issue Cover

The Milestone Issue

Spring/Summer 2019

The histories of achievement at Northern Michigan University.

What's New What's Next Issue Cover

What's New. What's Next?

Fall/Winter 2018

Transforming and innovating aren't just catch phrases on campus; they're action verbs.

Going Greener Issue Cover

Going Greener

Summer 2018

Sustainability in action on campus and in the community.

Brain, Body, Earth Issue Cover

Brain, Body, Earth: Revolutionary Research at NMU

Fall 2017

Faculty and students are making great strides and discoveries, as are leading scientists across the nation who once studied here.

From the Ground Up Issue Cover

From the Ground Up

Summer 2017

And those behind the builds; transforming Marquette, Detroit, and galaxies far, far away.

The Creative Issue Cover

The Creative Issue

Winter 2017

Inspiration, ideas, and wonder. NMU faculty unlock the secrets.

From Space to the Stage Issue Cover

From Space to the Stage

Summer 2016

Consider this issue a backstage pass to the likes of American Idol and the Academy Awards.

America Now Issue Cover

America Now!

Fall 2015

Meet the Wildcats who are on the front lines of America's biggest issues.

Wildcats Help a City Get Back on Their Feet Issue Cover

Wildcats Help a City Get Back on Their Feet

Spring 2015

From athletes to artists, meet the Wildcats who are rolling up their sleeves and helping Detroit get back on its feet.

Joining the Family Issue Cover

Joining the Family

Fall 2014

Five months in, President Fritz Erickson explains why NMU needs to be less humble, more creative, and continually amazing.

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