Dead River fall leaves

Dead River trees sporting the green and gold.



Fresh Coast Solar two men.standing in front of Fresh Coast Solar van

Mastering Sunshine

Jeremy Vavrik '12 BS and Adam Kay '16 BS and a crew of skilled alumni are turning Chicagoland rooftops large and small into solar power generation plants.


Man stands in room filled with rubbish turned into treasure

Reimagining Rubbish

Step into the studio of Ritch Branstrom '91 BFA, '93 MA, where junk is rejuvenated as whimsical characters and even tools to pick up trash. Branstrom believes that if more investment was made in creativity, this planet would be a better place.


Photo of breakthrough fusion reaction equipment

Quantum Leap

Pioneering Physicist Bruce Remington '75 BS is part of a team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories that created a breakthrough fusion reaction that could lead to limitless clean energy.

Homecoming Highlights