Mlado Ivanovic

Assistant Professor

Gries Hall
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 a.m.-11 a.m.
Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Michigan State University
B.H., University of Belgrade

Background and Interests:

Dr. Mlado Ivanovic is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy at Northern Michigan University. His research focuses on moral, political and environmental challenges tied with the forceful displacement and migration of people, particularly by examining both the sociohistorical and political contexts of human vulnerability and exclusion. Mlado was awarded his degree from the Department of Philosophy at Michigan State University. He has published work on humanitarianism, refugees, social and global justice, and human rights and the media; his current research is dealing with the environmental causes of forceful displacement and humanitarian management of displaced peoples and their inclusion in Western societies. Dr. Ivanovic is also engaged with humanitarian Non-Profit and Non-Government communities in Serbia, Greece and Turkey, and serves as an advisor for various student organizations in Michigan that deal with humanitarianism and social justice.

Articles and Book Chapters:

Forthcoming."Tales of Abuse and Negligence: Humanitarian Iconography of Unaccompanied Refugee Children" (with Dr. Anna Malavisi).

Forthcoming."Stubborn Realities, Shared Humanity: The State of Humanitarian Ethics Today."

Forthcoming."Echoes of the Past: Colonial Legacy and Eurocentric Humanitarianism." In "The Rest" Writes Back: Collapse of the Empire (working title), ed. Esmaeil Zeiny.

2019."Humanitarian Melancholia: Humanitarianism and the Need for Morality of Thinking." In Refugees Now: Rethinking Borders, Hospitality, and Citizenship, ed. Kelly Oliver et al., 43-63. London: Rowman and Littlefield.

2018."The European Grammar of Inclusion: Integrating Epistemic and Social Inclusion of Refugees in Host Societies.” Radical Philosophy Review 21(1): 103-127.

2016."Holding Hands With Death: The Dark Side of Our Humanitarian Present.” Radical Philosophy Review 19(2): 359 - 379.

2015."Lives Rendered Invisible: Bearing Witness to Human Suffering." In "Realizing Global Justice: Theory and Practice," ed. Melina Duarte and Tor Ivar Hanstad, special issue, Etikk I Praksis: Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics 2: 1-16ISSN (online): 1890-4009. ISSN (print): 1890-3991.

2014."The Limits of our Humanitarian Present.” Review of Eyal Weizman, The Least of All Possible Evils: Humanitarian Violence from Arendt to Gaza (London: Verso, 2011). Radical Philosophy Review 17 (1): 281–85.

2013.“The Ethics of Consuming: Community, Agency, and Participation in Global Food Systems” (with Dan Beck, Samantha Noll and Ian Werkheiser). In The Ethics of Consumption: The Citizen, the Market, and the Law, ed. Helena Rocklinsberg & Per Sandin, 437-47. Wageningen, The Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers.

2012."Medusa’s Gaze and the Other: Prosthetics and Aesthetics of Social Exclusion.” In The Horizons of Otherness, Zbirka Symposion, ed. Nika Škof, 25-43. Gornja Radgona, Slovenia: A Priori, Birografika Bori.

Mlado portrait