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New Markets, New Supports

NMU recognizes the necessity for highly effective recruitment and retention programming. Demographic and other external factors will create strains on enrollment and resources in the coming decade. In order to plan for these challenges, significant investments in enrollment and student success strategies are needed to lead us into the future in a strong position to serve our students effectively.

Action Plan: New Markets New Supports

New Markets New Supports_Track Changes






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  1. Create a Comprehensive Enrollment Plan (CEP) [to include, but not limited to, diverse, underrepresented and international students; undergraduate, graduate and distance education students; colleges/departments; and marketing and communications] in order to clearly define our approach to enrollment.
  2. Employ new, flexible and adaptive methods of content delivery to better meet the needs of current and future students.
  3. Develop future-focused academic programs that best meet the needs of current and prospective students.
  4. Establish and expand co-curricular support programs that connect students to future employment goals.
  5. Create new or enhance existing programming that increases students’ sense of belonging and engagement.
  6. Align all advising and ongoing student success efforts to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  7. Invest in facilities projects that enhance the student experience.
  8. De-stigmatize help-seeking, provide tools for responding to signs of distress, and promote campus resources and services.
  9. Integrate wellbeing services and increase capacity to meet wellbeing needs of campus community.
  10. Provide trauma-informed responses to crises involving our campus.