Offices may transfer records for storage at the University Records Center. We offer secure storage along with retrieval within 48 hours for documents.

To send records for storage:

  1. Purchase required boxes by calling Jeff Roo, Printing Services, x2457.
  2. Prepare your box of records for storage by following the Transfer Procedures for Records to the University Records Center.
  3. Fill out the form below, with as much information as possible (including full inventory of box contents).
    1. Lengthy inventories don't fit in the form below. If you encounter this issue, please send the inventory as a Word or Excel document to
  4. To transfer the boxes, fill out a Central Services service request, including the amount of boxes and their exact location. Allow a few days for pickup.
  5. We will send a confirmation email when your boxes are received by Records Management staff.

          Download and print a Storage Transfer Guide to assist you through the process!

Are the records confidential?