Department records that are permanent or seldom used, but according to the retention schedule are required to be retained, should be transferred to the University Records Center (URC) in the Services Building for secure storage.

Follow the steps to transfer boxes to the URC:

Step One: Appropriate Boxes for Transfer

Due to the size of the shelving units in the URC, we can only accept standard record center boxes (one cubic foot) for transfer and storage. You may order these by calling Jeff Roo, Printing Services, x2457.

In special circumstances, the URC will accept records of unusual size, shape, or form. Please contact Records Management Staff to discuss the transfer, arrangement, and transfer of these uniquely sized documents or objects.

Step Two: Organize and Arrange Files for Transfer

Once you have acquired the appropriate record center boxes, it is time to properly fill, inventory, and label the boxes.

The documents cannot be in hanging folders (because of the metal support bars), three-ring binders (because of the plastic covers and metal rings), or secured by acco fasteners (which are metal); there should be no plastic or metal larger than a staple in the box. This is because when the records retention period has passed, the contents will be sent for shredding and pulping without opening the box. The best practice is to store the documents in a paper folder, such as a standard manila folder, with each folder labeled and dated. Truly, though, the care taken to sort and label the contents of each box should be proportional to the likelihood that you will need to recall and sort through the records.  

Most offices organize their records according to the overall function or activity of a group of records, such as project documents, student files, or budget records. These records generally have the same date, fiscal year, or logical chronological grouping.

After the boxes are full, you MUST create and include a folder-level inventory for each box transferred to the URC. Please paste the full inventory in the Record Transmittal Form and place the papers in the first box of each series transferred.

Proper labeling of boxes helps staff distinguish between different series when transferred at the same time. Using a pencil, please mark the box number in the upper right hand corner on the front lid of the box. For example, an office that transfers three boxes of Faculty Personnel Records should label their boxes in order as 1/3, 2/3, 3/3.

Step Three: Transfer to the University Records Center

When you are ready to transfer your boxes, you will need to complete two last steps:

  1. Fill out the form on Record Management’s Storage Request page.
  2. Fill out a Central Receiving work request to arrange pickup and request boxes are sent to the "University Records Center, Services Building Room 205." If the records are confidential, have Central Receiving contact Records Management when the boxes are picked up so the records can be promptly secured.