Below is a list of tobacco-cessation products that are available at the NMU Health Center. Insurance co-pays and coverage vary. Prescription drugs will require an office visit with a medical provider. For students who are covered under an insurance policy most prescription drug costs are $10-$20. NMU employee co-pays are $20.

Over the Counter:  
Nicotine Patch Step 1, 21 mg $50/28 patches
Nicotine Patch Step 2, 14 mg $28/14 patches
Nicotine Patch Step 3, 7 mg $28/14 patches
Nicotrol Inhalation $250/168 cartridges
Nicotrol Nasal Spray $250/40 ml
Nicorette 2 mg Gum $25/110 count
Nicorette 4 mg Gum $30/100 count
Rx (Prescription)  
Chantix Starter Kit $220/1 month
Chantix Control Kit 193/1 month
Kyban Sr. 150/Wellbutrin $17/60 tablets