The goal of the tutoring program is to help students succeed academically and become independent learners. Tutoring centers are located across campus to offer students academic assistance free of charge. No matter what your major or academic program may be, tutors are available to assist students who may need extra attention outside of the classroom. Tutoring is available on a group and one-on-one basis, depending on course material and students' needs. Some walk-in assistance is also available.

All-Campus Tutoring

Provides tutoring services for most academic programs at NMU. All-Campus Tutoring is located in Learning Resources 111 H.

Jacobetti Complex

Helps students enrolled in courses offered by Engineering Technology and Technology and Occupational Sciences. Jacobetti Complex tutoring is located in 103 Jacobetti.

Specialty Tutoring Labs

Assists students with computer sciences, languages, math and writing. Math and computer science tutoring is offered at 3810 West Science; the writing center is located at 111G Harden; the language lab is located at 203 Jamrich.